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Economic floor system for high-performance surgery

Optimum hygiene properties and no downtime for nora rubber floors

Weinheim, May 2019 – It's the centerpiece of every hospital: The operating area. In order for hospitals to be economically successful in the long run, processes and procedures in the halls must be run optimally and efficiently. Surgeons and surgical staff bring sustained high performance – surgery, day in and day out. Extremely high demands are also placed on the structural furnishings of the rooms. On the one hand, the flooring must meet the highest hygiene standards and, on the other hand, be lightweight and cost-effective to clean and allow 24/7 operation. nora systems rubber floor coverings have proven their worth in hundreds of operating areas worldwide for decades. The long-lasting "Made in Germany" floors have hygiene properties that make them ideal for use in these sensitive areas and also do not need to be coated. In this way, downtime is avoided and allows surgical areas to be accessible 24/7.

Suitable for use in high-risk areas

Operations account for the largest share of treatments in German hospitals.1  This proportion has risen steadily in recent years. As a result, clinics are increasingly investing in the renewal of surgical areas and the ongoing optimisation of processes.2  New builds and renovations in these highly sensitive areas should probably be well thought-out – especially with regard to the flooring. After all, it remains in the surgical areas for a long time and is under constant high stress there. Only the right selection ensures the required quality standards are met in the long term in order to adhere to perfect hygienic conditions while at the same time enabling efficient use of the operating rooms. nora rubber floor coverings are not only easy to clean, but can be fully disinfected, making them perfectly suitable for use in high-risk areas where surfaces need to be disinfected regularly, as studies by the Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hospital Hygiene from the University of Marburg revealed.

In surgical areas, the extremely resistant, electrostatically conductive norament grano rubber tiles, as well as the noraplan signa ed and noraplan sentica ed sheets are very popular. “When examined under the microscope, the nora rubber floors have the most leakproof surface compared to other elastic coverings used in hospitals. This means that disinfectant residue and soiling can be easily removed even hours after an operation. Another huge advantage: noraplan signa is also available with an R10 surface and thus meets the technical requirements of the BGI/GUV-I 8681 for work rooms with a risk of slipping in Germany as well as the bfu R 9729 of Switzerland and the BGR 181 in Austria. Therefore, the rubber covering can be laid in the same design in both the operating room and in the upstream washrooms: the perfect "hospital package".

Uncoated rubber floors allow 24/7 operation

Due to their extremely dense surface, nora floors do not need to be coated in contrast to other elastic floor coverings, eliminating the need to close off areas and ensure "round the clock" operation. This also makes the work much easier for cleaning staff and leads to greater efficiency, according to Sieglinde Voss, head of the hospital's own Say Dienstleistungs GmbH at Diakovere Annastift (orthopaedic clinic of Hanover MHH Medical School). "Removing and reapplying coatings is extremely time-consuming," explains the property manager. "If old coatings are chemically dissolved, we have to allow a drying time of at least twelve hours before we can recoat. During this time, the areas must not be entered – in a hospital, this is almost impossible."

Perfect hygiene and operational readiness around the clock: Rubber flooring combines the high resistance and longevity of a hard floor with the ergonomic advantages of an elastic surface. With these properties, nora floorings are an ideal solution for future-oriented surgical planning in the long term.*

Fotos: großes Bild und 1) Dirk Wilhelmy, 2) Markus Bachmann / Architekt: a|sh sander.hofrichter architekten GmbH, 3) Foto Pachernegg, 4) Ulrich Schwarz

Photos: large picture and 1) Dirk Wilhelmy, 2) Markus Bachmann / Architect: a|sh sander.hofrichter architekten GmbH, 3) Photo Pachernegg, 4) Ulrich Schwarz

1) Cf. Statista statistics portal, https://de.statista.com/statistik/daten/studie/76889/umfrage/operationen-und-behandlungsmassnahmen-in-deutschen-krankenhaeusern/
2) Source: Management consultancy Schwab Marketing/Schwab market study in kma Building & Planning report; July/August 2018


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