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As diagnostics has become quite high-tech these days, it is all the more important to make the environment calm and relaxing for the patients and lessen any fears regarding the medical devices and examinations. nora rubber floor coverings help create the appropriate emotional therapeutic ambience thanks to their ergonomic and acoustic advantages as well as their wide range of colors and designs.

Suitable products

noraplan® signa

Rubber flooring with a changing base colour consisting of three harmoniously matched colour components and characteristic granule inclusions. Available in smooth or reflectionbreaking surface.

noraplan® sentica

Rubber floor covering with a changing base colour of harmoniously matched colour components.

norament® 928 grano ed

Electrostatically dissipative “ed” floorings for optimum ESD protection of electronic devices and equipment. Protect against electrical shock, resist most oils and greases and are suitable for forklift truck areas.

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