norament flooring in The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

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Archaeology Wing Israel Museum in Jerusalem

nora® floorcoverings provide high wear resistance
for highly frequented museum areas

Israel Museum, Jerusalem – the largest cultural institution in the State of Israel and is ranked among the world’s leading art and archaeology museums.

The archaeological wing at the Israel Museum has been redesigned by Pentagram to create a flowing narrative through history, showcasing some of the world’s most precious and oldest artifacts. The museum celebrates treasures dating back to the dawn of civilization with each era celebrated through remarkable artifactual accounts.

In the summer of 2010, the Israel Museum completed the most comprehensive upgrade of its 20-acre campus in its his tory, featuring new galleries, entrance facilities, and public spaces. Thereafter 500.000 local and international Museum goers visited the Campus. more

Suitable floor coverings for highly frequented museum areas have to provide a good footfall and absorption as well as high wear-resistance. Furthermore, nora rubber floor coverings create a positive atmosphere and offer a high walking comfort for the visitors.

The reslient floorcovering of norament® strada weaves through chronological arcades of historical treasures complimenting the showcase of displays and enhancing the ambiance whilst catering to the needs of the visitor. norament® strada is famously renowned for its excellent footfall sound reduction properties and high walking comfort due to the permanent resilience and nature of the product design. The ideal choice in terms of design an function.

The light reflecting cubic structure of norament® strada creates changing effects of light and shadow, in keeping with the use of light in t he museum where the natural light coming into t he building is used to highlight mankinds’ achievements in the journey of this unique history.

Museums and galleries form the framework for many diverse exhibits.

The arrangement and the design are of paramount importance in presentation and exhibition areas. nora® have decades of experience in combining high quality raw materials, excellent economic characteristics, functionality and increased safety to create an exceptional range of flooring solutions. nora® offers rubber floorcoverings in many different designs and colours in order to establish an individual and appealing ambience. As the world’s leading rubber floor covering manufacturer, nora® is recognized across the globe for developing solutions to meet the requirements of awe-inspiring projects such as Israel Museum.

Data and facts

Building Archaeology Wing Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Market Segment Public Buildings
Architect Pentagram Design Ltd, London
Installation Year 2010
Photographer Yuri Dojc
norament flooring in The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
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