Durable norament 926 rubber floor tiles installed with the innovative nora nTx installation system, provide first class aesthetics, acoustics and safety in the transformation of Manchester Airport.

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Manchester Airport: Precision landing for rubber floorings

Durable norament 926 satura rubber floor tiles installed with the innovative nora nTx installation system, provide first class aesthetics, acoustics and safety in the transformation of Manchester Airport.

Opened in 1938, Manchester Airport has grown to be the third busiest airport in the UK and is currently undertaking the biggest investment project in its history. It will give the North the world class international gateway it deserves. The transformation programme will modernise and transform the customer experience, whilst making Terminal 2 the main focal point of the airport’s operations.

In April 2019 the first pier, which houses 11 gates, 1,400 seats and a separate, segregated arrivals level, was officially opened.

Good experiences already in the past

nora, part of the Interface group, has been Manchester Airports Group’s first choice for resilient floor coverings for the past 12 years, having previously installed over 30,000 square metres of norament 926 grano on a water based adhesive. The airport’s dedicated fire safety officer chose nora rubber floor coverings specifically for their fire safety properties. nora was chosen as the main supplier for floor coverings of the Terminal 2 transformation project due to their world renowned products and the ingenious fast installation system, nora nTx. Architects Pascall and Watson selected rubber floorings due to the speed of installation that could be achieved by using nora nTx. A direct benefit to the main contractor, who had high programming aspirations, was that nora nTx is a new generation installation system which can be installed directly onto concrete. It significantly reduces the use of a costly and time consuming damp proof membrane application and is perfectly suited to this project. The ability to allow instant trafficking by other trades or passengers in a refurbishment programme is a major advantage of nora nTx.

The Terminal 2 transformation project marks the largest UK airport project that nora has been involved into date.

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Design and durability

In a busy airport durability is paramount. The floor must be able to offer high point load resistance, durability and functionality to the continual heavy foot flow and rolling baggage. norament 926 satura was the perfect choice as it is designed for extremely heavy traffic areas, with a hammerblow surface, along with noraplan ultra grip which, infused with the strength of granite, delivers an incredible R11 slip resistance. Ideally tailored to provide highly functional performance alongside attractive designs which are modern and fit with the rest of the airport environment, norament 926 satura, norament stairtreads and noraplan ultra grip were installed throughout the pier and terminal. Providing a comfortable atmosphere, significant slip resistance and high footfall sound absorption, rubber floor coverings will enhance the new terminal, creating an interior that feels good and performs beautifully.

Ergonomic advantages

Thanks to their permanent elasticity rubber floorings provide ergonomic advantages and underfoot comfort. They are able to withstand heavy and continual foot flow. norament 926 satura was installed to provide walking comfort, shock absorbing properties and lifelong elasticity, ensuring that walking and standing for passengers and personnel is easier and the pressure on joints and the spine is noticeably reduced. nora by Interface floor coverings have good sound absorption properties and contribute to minimise and subdue noise from heavy and continuous footfall and rolling baggage. norament stairtreads and noraplan ultra grip compliment the installation, providing excellent slip resistance.

Fire resistance

The safety and wellbeing of passengers and personnel is paramount for any airport and is something that nora rubber floorings excel in. They are highly flame retardant according to EN 13501 and are classed as toxicologically safe according to DIN 53436.

Cost-effective with minimal maintenance

Thanks to their dense, closed surface, nora rubber floor coverings are extremely wear-resistant. Easy to clean, with no need for coatings, they will look as good as new even after years of intensive use and are a very cost-effective solution in the long term. Strong and built to last, nora floor coverings will ensure the flooring stands up to the demands of a busy international airport and it is why it can be found in many airports around the globe.

Data and facts

Building Manchester Airport, UK, Terminal 2
Installation Year 2019
Photographer © Manchester Airport
Durable norament 926 rubber floor tiles installed with the innovative nora nTx installation system, provide first class aesthetics, acoustics and safety in the transformation of Manchester Airport.
Airport terminal at Manchester with norament 926 satura nTx flooring


nora® nTx

nora® nTx is a new and unique technology for professional installers to lay nora® rubber flooring systems.

noraplan® ultra grip

Rubber safety fl oor covering for increased slip resistance.

norament® 926 satura

Rubber flooring for extremely heavy traffic areas, with hammerblow surface and tone-in-tone granular design

Stairtread norament® 926 satura

Tone-in-tone granular design with a hammerblow surface, footfall sound absorption improvement of 12 dB.

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