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Individual Working in France's Telecentre e-Cre@

In Northern France amidst the tranquil community of La Ferté-sous-Jouarre near Paris, one of the employees welcomes visitors to the new telecentre e-Cre@ on the second floor of an old town house. “Here we offer an alternative place – a friendly and inspiring place between home and work”, explains the employee. But what exactly is a telecentre? A telecentre describes a place that offers employed workers, freelancers or entrepreneurs a professional working environment close to home. These premises, which have existed in France since the 1980s, are primarily used when traffic conditions or bus and rail strikes prevent people from commuting to work or university. “It is flexible; an office can be rented on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis”, the employee says. “The only condition is that the people that use the telecentre live within the association of local authorities Coulommiers Pays de Brie or Pays Créçois. To reserve a space, simply book online via the telecentre website or give them a call. e-Cre@ is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week”. A total area of 220 square metres, three open work spaces for 17 people, three closed offices as well as a meeting room are available. There is also a kitchenette and table football for break times. When it came to finding a suitable floor covering for the premises, architect Olivier Rossignol opted for the rubber floor coverings from nora systems, as these can be customised in many respects, allowing design accents to be implemented easily.

Inlays as a creative design element

“I have already used nora flooring in many projects, which were mostly in schools”, explains Olivier Rossignol at the outset. “Because I prefer floor coverings with low emissions to promote good indoor air quality. Rubber floor coverings from nora fulfil this demanding requirement”, Rossignol continues. They are made solely of high-quality and eco-friendly raw materials and colour pigments. “As regards the telecentre, I wanted to use an aesthetic floor to create a pleasant atmosphere around the premises. For this reason, I chose norament 926 grano, a floor covering that since 2018 has been given an upgraded, modern colour palette. In addition, with nora we have the opportunity to add an individual touch to the premises”, continues the architect. The inlays found in the French telecentre are manufactured on modern cutting systems in the nora factory in Weinheim, Germany. Everything is created individually to a specific order in millimetric precision. A suitable installation plan is also supplied to ensure smooth and quick installation. more

“As a base colour we have selected a light beige shade, while we have opted for differing shades of green for the inlays in the form of stripes”, explains Rossignol. The highlight: The colour lines on the floor are continued seamlessly to the wall, resulting in a modern interior design with a symmetrical alignment.

Proven nora quality

“As with all nora products, which I have got to know, the excellent quality is also impressive here. The owner required a product that still looks well maintained even after years of use by many people. With norament 926 we have found exactly the right floor covering that meets these requirements”, says the architect. Because nora rubber floor coverings have an extremely dense surface and are extremely hard-wearing as a result. They extend the useful life of premises considerably – because costly renovations can be avoided, meaning that the premises can be used permanently. nora rubber floor coverings also retain their attractive appearance for years to come. “From my experience of previous projects with nora I can conclude that I highly appreciate the efficiency and organisation of my contacts at nora. My contacts provide accurate information in response to my enquiries and accompany the projects right through to completion and beyond”, Rossignol praises.

The project in La Ferté-sous-Jouarre is an excellent example showing how with the help of nora rubber floor coverings and the embedded inlays, a functional yet modern communication centre is created where employees and visitors have an all-round sense of wellbeing.

Data and facts

Building Telecentre e-Cre@
Architect Olivier Rossignol Architecte DESA
Installation Year 2019
Photographer Vincent Uettwiller
Products norament 926 grano 160 m², nora inlays


norament® 926 grano

Rubber flooring for extremely heavy traffic areas, with a granular design rich in contrast and hammerblow surface or cubic structure.

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