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Rubber floors for new mother and child centre

A blend of designs for a child-friendly interior

Located in Bucharest, Romania, the INSMC is one of the institutions that provides round-the-clock medical care for mothers and children. It is also renowned for its scientific research and medical training in obstetrics, gynaecology, neonatology and paediatrics.

With a total area of more than 800 square metres, the centre includes 15 rooms for paediatric medical consultations, a room for premature babies, an analysis office, an EEG/ECG room, a reception, two waiting rooms and a room for storing medical waste.

This specialist medical centre provides over 60,000 medical treatments to tens of thousands of children from all over Romania every year. It has also recently been completely renovated and equipped with the latest medical equipment for each specialist area. It was a very complex and challenging project overall, as the equipment, sanitary facilities and medical equipment in the 70-year-old building had to all be replaced in accordance with current regulations and epidemiological guidelines.


Proven rubber floors

As the centre is geared towards the treatment of children, each room has a unique, child-friendly design. Everything from the walls to the floors is tailored to the relevant activity and its specific characteristics. The decision-makers chose nora rubber floor coverings, not only because they are available in many colours and designs, but also because they have exceptional functional properties. The fact that nora rubber floor coverings are easy to clean and completely disinfect makes them suitable for use in sensitive areas where regular disinfection is required. nora floorings’ longlasting resilience reduces both any footfall noise and any noise caused by heavy objects rolling. This helps to maintain a quiet atmosphere, which can have a positive effect on patient well-being and recovery. more

Good ergonomics are important in the workplace

The elastic properties of the rubber floors also contribute to an ergonomic working environment for the hospital staff. The condition of the floor plays a major role in longer fatigue-free working in workplaces where sitting for hours is practically impossible. The resilience of rubber flooring protects backs and joints, and makes walking and standing more comfortable.

Inlays are central to the design concept

The rubber flooring is an important part of the design concept at the INSMC. The stripes in the common areas give the space a special character and help to expand it visually.

The distinctive striped pattern was made possible by cutting-edge technology from the Inlay Centre at the rubber flooring production site in Weinheim, Germany.

The centre uses ultrasonic cutting systems to produce motifs, logos and lettering of all kinds with the highest precision. The combination of endless inlay design options, rubber’s dimensional stability and the fact that the flooring does not require welding offers almost unlimited freedom of design.

Data and facts

Building National Institute for Mother and Child Health (INSMC), Bucharest, Romania
Installation Year 2022
Photographer © Vlad Creteanu
Interior Designer Art Interiors – Alexandra Nicula

noraplan® stone, noraplan® sentica, noraplan® Iona, noraplan® uni, noraplan® unita, noraplan® signa, 800 m²


noraplan® stone

Rubber flooring with discreet, non direction scatter design, available in smooth or reflectionbreaking surface.

noraplan® sentica

Rubber floor covering with a changing base colour of harmoniously matched colour components.

noraplan® lona

Rubber flooring in a filigree design with contrasting colors and accents. Silk-matte surface with subtle texture and visual depth.

noraplan® uni

Rubber flooring one-coloured

noraplan® unita

Rubber floor covering with a perfect combination of permanently resilient rubber and randomly dispersed granite chips. The fine scatter of chips in noraplan® unita lends it a discreet appearance. The design is deliberately purist and simple.

noraplan® signa

Rubber flooring with a changing base colour consisting of three harmoniously matched colour components and characteristic granule inclusions. Available in smooth or reflectionbreaking surface.

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