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New build Klinikum Crailsheim

Rubber floorings for the whole clinic: From the patient room to the OT

On the line between healing environment and cost efficiency: Institutes are coming under pressure - whereas the one side sees patients clamouring for a more cosy environment, the other side must satisfy growing cost and efficiency requirements. The new Klinikum Crailsheim building masters the balancing act between conflicting requirements. Thanks to its clear design language and modern colour scheme the €54 million building is setting new aesthetic standards.

Inside, it presents a convincing marriage of friendly ambience and state of the art medical engineering. The building planners focused from the very outset on energy efficiency and sustainability. This was extended consistently into the building materials. When choosing the flooring for this large scale project, both building developers and users, utterly convinced by decades of good experience with their building stock, did not find it difficult to reach a decision: Rubber floorings from nora systems are installed everywhere in the new clinic – from the patient room to the OT. more

Werner Horlacher, architect at the Schwäbisch-Hall district administration and project manager responsible for the new clinic building:
“Today, hospitals must shed their stereotypical image and start looking more like hotels. The recovery process is heavily influenced by the environment, so patients must feel like at home. We chose green as the predominant colour in the new building. This represents nature, recovery, health.
The nora® floorings in light green are the perfect complement to this cosy ambience, presenting a colour that is timeless and harmonious. One key point was also the sustainability of rubber floorings. It was only logical that we extended sustainability to the materials as well, so we built our hospital with passive house components. nora® floor coverings are extremely long lived and ecological, and their environmental and health compatibility have been awarded the ‘Blue Angel’.”

Dipl-Ing. László Eifert, responsible site manager at the LUDES architect’s office specialising in hospital architecture in Recklinghausen:
“The overriding property that floorings must have in hospitals is good cost efficiency during ongoing operations. The crucial factor behind our office’s decision was the durability and cleaning ease of nora® rubber floorings. One further aspect constituted design solutions with a range of functions. We found it very important that the same nora® flooring designs and surfaces exhibited many technical properties like electrostatic dissipation.”

Dipl.-Ing. Heinrich Lomb, technical manager at the Klinikum Crailsheim:
“A major role is assigned to the visual impression of floorings in a hospital; they are the institute’s calling card. The floorings must be durable and extremely easy to maintain if costs are to be minimised. This was also a reason behind our decision in favour of rubber floorings since they do not need coatings. For instance, access is then safeguarded at all times to all rooms and areas that would normally be out of bounds during coating operations, and downtimes are eliminated. We have already had over thirty years of experience with nora® rubber floorings in our old building, so we’re only too pleased to have them installed in the new one as well.”

Thomas Schaff, state certified clinical hygiene specialist for the Crailsheim and Schwäbisch-Hall clinics:
“I’ve been dealing with hospital floor coverings for over fifteen years now, and I must say that nothing touches the top quality of nora® rubber floor coverings. It is very important that hospital floorings are resistant to disinfectants and other chemicals.
Under the microscope, nora® rubber floorings present the smoothest and tightest surface compared with other resilient floor coverings used in hospitals. Disinfectants can therefore be removed without residue even hours after surgery. Not only that, the rubber floorings can be disinfected easily over their whole surface. Yet another great advantage: nora® floorings can be installed without joint seals, which can pose a hygienic problem when they collect dirt, swell, or crack with ageing. And because dirt cannot collect in the joins, there are considerably fewer bacteria on nor® floorings.”

Anne-Leonie Blumer, state certified housekeeping manager of the Klinikum Crailsheim:
“The greatest challenge we encounter when cleaning hospital floors is the very short time slot available to maintain the institute’s level of cleanliness. Cleaning must be fast and efficient. We found nora floorings ideal: Very little work yields excellent cleaning results. The rubber floorings do not need a coating. For us, this means huge time savings and gentle basic cleaners. Our staff therefore do not have to handle aggressive agents, and there is less risk of allergies and respiratory disorders.”

Vorschaubild zum Interview mit Werner Horlacher

Newly built hospital in Crailsheim, Germany - Planning requirements 

"Our goal in the complete planning, from the beginning, was to create a harmonious ambiance..." listen to Werner Horlacher, Responsible project manager of the administrative district office of Schwäbisch Hall on the planning requirements

Video preview nora reference Crailsheim Hospital Laslzlo Eifert

Newly built hospital in Crailsheim, Germany - Architect planning requirements 

To site manager László Eifert about competent support in all planing phases, good design options through cross-functional designs and high durability

Video preview nora reference Crailsheim Hospital Thomas Schaff

Newly built hospital in Crailsheim: Hygienic requirements 

Thomas Schaff, State-certified clinical hygiene specialist: Conductive and impact sound insulating, Enduring against disinfectants, non-grouted laying, outstanding suitability for surgeries and thickest surface

Video preview nora reference Crailsheim Hospital Leonie Blumer

Newly built hospital in Crailsheim: Requirements for cleaning 

Anne Leonie Blumer, Head of Housekeeping: Uncoated, no basic cleaning, time benefits, high walking comfort and non-slip, little chemical cleaning and low interior air pollution.

Video preview nora reference Crailsheim Hospital Heinrich Lomb

Newly built hospital in Crailsheim - Technical requirements 

Technical Director Heinrich Lomb about lots of option: from conductive to noise-absorbing, possibility of sanitation in ongoing operation and good long-term experience with nora - since 1985.


Data and facts

Building New build Klinikum Crailsheim
Contruction management Landkreis Schwäbisch-Hall
Market Segment Healthcare
Products noraplan® signa
Architect LUDES Architekten – Ingenieure GmbH, Recklinghausen
Installation Year 2012
Photographer Dirk Wilhelmy
Area installed

~ 10.000 m2 noraplan® signa

Klinikum Neubau Crailsheim
Klinikum Neubau Crailsheim
Klinikum Neubau Crailsheim
Klinikum Neubau Crailsheim
Klinikum Neubau Crailsheim
Klinikum Neubau Crailsheim


noraplan® signa

Rubber flooring with a changing base colour consisting of three harmoniously matched colour components and characteristic granule inclusions. Available in smooth or reflectionbreaking surface.

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