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A proven floor solution for dialysis centres

noracare® seneo enables comprehensive hygiene and efficient cleaning

Chronically ill people with weakened resistance to infections are treated in dialysis centres. The requirements for good hygiene management are correspondingly high, and these requirements should also include building materials and flooring. It is essential that the flooring can be easily, efficiently cleaned and completely disinfected. However, wherever there is increased use of disinfectants and medical media, there is a risk that the residues might leave unsightly marks or stains on the flooring. To meet these challenges, the interior designers Ahrendt + John, who specialise in practice design, suggested noracare® seneo flooring as a solution to the owners of the dialysis centre. The new floor covering has innovative surface technology and was specially developed for areas with the most stringent hygiene requirements and above-average use of disinfectants. It stands for optimal cleaning results. noracare® seneo is stain-resistant and can be completely disinfected. Its impeccable appearance makes a positive contribution to the ambience of the practice. The flooring requires no maintenance or coating throughout its life. This is very advantageous from an organisational point of view and also saves considerable costs.   

Top quality standards go for flooring too

Patients with chronic kidney disease are cared for at the centre according to the very highest quality standards. Dialysis treatment mechanically cleanses the blood of toxic substances when the kidneys have failed. The doctors moved their practice to the new premises on the Prinzenallee at the beginning of 2021. They wanted to offer both the best possible medical care and pleasantly designed treatment rooms. noracare® seneo flooring’s light grey colour and silk matt look adds to the inviting ambience. Like all nora® flooring, noracare® seneo is also low-emission and free of phthalate plasticizers, so it also contributes to good indoor air quality. It is Blue Angel (the ecolabel of the German Federal Government) and Indoor Air Comfort Gold certified.

High resistance to dialysis media

“Wherever medical media and hand disinfectants containing alcohol get onto the floor in daily operations, this can lead to a negative appearance, especially for floorings with temporary surface finishes”, explains Martina Hoock, Market Segment Manager Healthcare at nora. High workloads in day-to-day operations mean it is not always possible to wipe substances away immediately and so they can easily leave stains or marks and leave the floor looking unkempt. The surface coating must then be stripped and reapplied. This refurbishment is time-consuming and costly. noracare® seneo, in contrast, is stain-resistant. more

“Dialysis practices work with calcareous salts and concentrates, such as bicarbonate for the production of haemodialysis solutions. There are occasional drips onto the floor when they are used”, explains interior designer Jette John. “noracare® seneo is completely resistant to these bicarbonate haemodialysis solutions and there are no unsightly white edges”.

Proven in practice

The interior designer found it important that there were a large selection of colours (24 shades) and an extensive selection of nora® prefabricated coving strips as well as prefabricated exterior and interior corners for hygienic wall connections available in the same design as the rubber floorings. “To ensure the highest level of hygiene, we used nora® cushioned-edge profiles in all clean areas at the practice”, says John. These prefabricated floor-wall connections ensure a smooth transition between wall and flooring: unsightly, unhygienic joints are avoided, and the rounded profiles are easy to clean. “After one year in the practice, the users are extremely satisfied with the performance of noracare® seneo”, says John.

Data and facts

Building Dialyse am Gesundbrunnen Dialysis Centre, Prinzenallee, Berlin
Installation Year 2020
Photographer Stephan Falk
Client Dr. Peter Cleef, Dr. Philine Jung, Berlin
Interior designer Ahrendt +John praxisdesign, Berlin
Products noracare® seneo, colour 7202, approx. 800 m²
Bodenbelag noracare seneo in Dialysepraxis


noracare™ seneo

For application areas with highest requirements for hygienic cleaning and maintenance as well as stain and chemical resistance. Single-coloured design with iridescent marbled colour granules, from a distance almost uni-coloured.

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