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Child Daycare Center Hucky Bucky: Adventures in a Fairytale Forest in the Heart of the City

Rubber floor coverings create an eco-friendly oasis and a new feeling for space

Activity areas and quiet zones that create space for adventure and provide a sense of security – all of this can be found in the bilingual child daycare centre Hucky Bucky in Berlin. A forest theme is at the heart of the interior design. baukind architects modelled it on the Norwegian children’s book classic “Hakke Bakke Skogen” by Thorbjørn Egners a fairy tale in which the animals from the forest are good friends – a close-knit community where the big ones help the little ones ones and vice versa. Values of security, respect and peaceful cooperation also reflect the pedagogical approach of the daycare centre operator, Nobiwerk/Nordische Bildungswerkstatt, and were the starting point for the interior-design concept. Featuring stylised trees, a clearing and a lake, the forest spreads throughout the rooms of the daycare centre and gives structure to the floor layout. Natural materials round off a natural ambience. nora® rubber floor coverings were used, some of which were laid in the form of inlays. The expressive floor layout creates new links between spaces as well as different zones for activities, quiet spaces and play. The attractive designs and their health-supporting and environmentally friendly features were also positive arguments in favour of the “Made in Weinheim” products.

Natural materials for sensory experiences

Opened in 2019, the “Hucky Bucky” daycare centre offers 25 placements in two groups – from infants to pre-school. “We wanted to bring nature into the centre during the design process”, explained Claudia Reimann, Project Manager at the Berlin-based architectural and design firm baukind. This applied both to materials and interior design. For example, all the wood used in the daycare centre used coloured oils rather than paint to retain the wood’s natural character. “Our goal was to give the children as varied a sensory and spatial experience as possible – both haptically and visually”, Reimann adds. Reflecting this goal, the planners consciously opted for the rubber floor coverings noraplan® signa and noraplan® stone in different designs, i.e. different granulate optics, as well as with different surface finishes, such as slip resistance classes R9 and R10. This means that the surfaces also feel different. “The nora® floors were ideal for this project – they are environmentally friendly, fit perfectly into the design concept with their natural colours, and also offer ergonomic comfort and a pleasant feel thanks to their elasticity and matt surfaces”, the architect explained. Thanks to their natural colouring – from warm grey and beige tones to contrasting colours – the rubber floors in the daycare center create a welcoming atmosphere while the integrated inlays enhance their visual appeal. more

Inlays in rubber flooring create zones

Circles integrated into the rubber floors and spanning all spaces create a zone structure within the daycare centre, providing connections and guidance throughout the rooms. In the group rooms, inlays in the shape of water lilies, represent the forest lake as well as the forest clearing with a climbing platform and hammock. “Inlays are a widely used interior design technique in daycare centres and schools where they give rooms an individual character”, explained Martina Hoock, nora market segment specialist for the education sector. Another key design element in the Hucky Bucky daycare centre is the smooth transition from one level to another in the rooms – from floors to walls and from walls to ceilings. In the hallway and at the climbing platform there are continuous abstract tree crowns on the ceilings, while the floor covering in the bathroom transitions into the wall design with rubber being replaced by mirror tiles. “This creates a feeling of water pools, with the room seeming to embrace the children”, commented Reimann explaining the ideas behind the designs.

Healthy floor coverings promote healthy indoor air

“In addition to a well-designed room concept, creating eco-friendly and healthy learning environments is a priority in designing child daycare centres”, said Hoock. “Many daycare operators therefore ensure that the quality of the indoor air is healthy and opt for building materials that enable this”. nora® floors are free of PVC, contain no phthalate plasticisers or halogens and were the first resilient floor coverings ever to be awarded the ‘Blue Angel eco-label…for low emissions’. Coating and sealing are unnecessary so the rubber flooring can be easily and economically cleaned using eco-friendly methods. “Durability combined with the low-cost upkeep of nora® floors are key advantages when considering whole-life costs for both public and private facilities, and also contribute to sustainability”, Hoock continued.

A material with built-in added value. Rubber floor coverings offer an ideal combination of attractive design, ecofriendliness and sustainability - and not just in the “Hucky Bucky” daycare centre.

Data and facts

Building Hucky Bucky child daycare centre, Berlin
Owner Nobiwerk / Nordische Bildungswerkstatt
Architect baukind GmbH, Berlin
Installation Year 2019
Photographer HEJM, Architect: baukind, Berlin
noraplan® stone, noraplan® signa, Intarsien aus noraplan® signa, ca. 200 m²


noraplan® signa

Rubber flooring with a changing base colour consisting of three harmoniously matched colour components and characteristic granule inclusions. Available in smooth or reflectionbreaking surface.

noraplan® stone

Rubber flooring with discreet, non direction scatter design, available in smooth or reflectionbreaking surface.

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