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Capilano University

Capilano University Standardizes Sustainable Flooring

Capilano University, in Vancouver, BC, searched for sustainable flooring with exceptional wear benefits. “I did extensive research and solicited peer recommendations,” says Susan Doig, director of facilities. “We eventually tested nora® in a couple washrooms in our Cedar Building three years ago. After experiencing the floor’s benefits, we made nora the standard resilient flooring for campus renovations.” more
Outfitting classrooms, entry ways, washrooms, the bookstore and the library, one of the floor’s biggest benefits is its ease of maintenance. “The janitorial staff is very happy with the floor,” says Susan. “It doesn’t stain, and it doesn’t hold a smell. It’s important to us to ensure a hygienic environment for our students.”

Vancouver’s Capilano University operates three campuses. “Our main campus is in North Vancouver, and two regional campuses are in Squamish and on the Sunshine Coast,” says Susan Doig, director of facilities.  As the university experiences continual growth, it specifically set out to find a sustainable flooring solution that exemplified durability and a long life span. “We tested nora® in a couple washrooms in our Cedar Building three years ago. Washrooms are typically one of the most challenging places to keep nice clean floors. Because the floor performed well in that space, we began to install it in classrooms. From there, we did our bookstore in nora flooring and so on. It’s attractive, while also meeting all of our functional needs.” 

nora has since been named the standard resilient flooring for use across all three campuses. Speaking about some of the floor’s characteristics that she particularly appreciates, Susan says, “I like the fact that you can actually clean it, and do so with very little buffing. It always maintains a fresh look. With carpet, as soon as the first person walks on it with dirty shoes, it’s dirty. So, from a hygiene perspective, I much prefer the nora flooring to carpeting.” 

Most notably, nora is included in the university’s showcase Bosa Centre for Film and Animation, which Susan shares is, “our new award-winning film and animation building, recently featured in the July 2013 Canadian Architect.” This state-of-the-art building offers 97,000 square feet of sound stages, editing and mixing suites, green screen technology, a theatre and classroom and support spaces. nora continues to be incorporated campus-wide. “One of our next installs is in the music department,” remarks Susan.
Grand Valley Schools, Ohio, USA

Grand Valley Schools, Ohio, USA 

Challenge: Find a durable flooring product with a long life cycle to outfit a 244,000-square-foot, multifaceted building that serves grades pre-kindergarten through 12.


Data and facts

Building Capilano University
Market Segment Education
Products norament® 926 grano, noraplan® signa
Architect TKL Architects - Vancouver, BC
Installation Year 2010


norament® 926 grano

Rubber flooring for extremely heavy traffic areas, with a granular design rich in contrast and hammerblow surface or cubic structure.

noraplan® signa

Rubber flooring with a changing base colour consisting of three harmoniously matched colour components and characteristic granule inclusions. Available in smooth or reflectionbreaking surface.

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norament® 926 grano | Education

Find a versatile resilient floor covering that delivers extreme durability, wax-free maintenance and acoustical benefits to a variety of application areas across a large university campus.

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