Flooring with a dense surface – a cost-effective solution

Considering a floor from an economic view reveals that the initial investment only accounts for a small part of the total costs. Up to 90% of the costs are incurred during the floor's service life. This includes regular reapplication of protective films, deep cleaning, recoating and the associated costs caused by downtime. In contrast, nora rubber floor coverings have proven to be particularly economical thanks to their low subsequent costs and their long service life.

Life cycle Cost (LCC) comparision: noraplan ®


Life cycle Cost (LCC) comparision: norament®

Details and source: nora systems GmbH
Presumed cleaning scenario for 1,000 sqm surface and 15 years.
noraplan: typical scenario for areas with average stress, such as a kindergarten.
norament: typical scenario for areas with heavy dirt influx and high mechanical stress, such as a school foyer.

Lastingly attractive flooring

In every building there are heavily frequented areas where the floor is walked on by countless people every day. Consequently, flooring in these areas is subjected to extremely high levels of wear and tear. So it is particularly important to use a floor covering that can withstand these stresses without having to be expensively refurbished or replaced. Choose durable nora floor coverings for a lastingly attractive appearance.

Minimise downtime

Whether in industrial buildings or classrooms: repairs lead to downtime. These incurr high outage costs and disrupt your processes. With nora floor coverings, you can use your floor space and areas continuously without having to tolerate downtime for applying new coatings. Cleaning and maintaining the floor is also a significant cost factor. Use nora floor coverings to benefit from continuous use of your premises – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Clear water, clear advantage

Our norament and noraplan floor systems can be easily restored using only clear water and a conventional single-disk machine in combination with nora pads, developed by us. No cleaning agents, no harsh chemicals, no coatings: this has both economic and ecological advantages. Substantial amounts of cleaning chemicals can be saved when considered over the entire service life of the floor. And what's more, nora pads can restore even badly worn rubber surfaces to their former glory and make them look like new. A clear advantage for the sustainability of your floor coverings.

For cost-effective use in Hospitals

Laszlo Eifert

Dipl.-Ing. László Eifert, responsible construction supervisor of architectural firm Ludes, Recklinghausen, which specialises in hospital construction:

"The main consideration for hospital flooring is how cost-effective it will be during ongoing use. The durability of natural rubber and the ease of floor cleaning were decisive factors for our company when we chose nora."


Cleaning saves time and money in Prignitz district Hospital

Prignitz district hospital is the academic teaching hospital of the Brandenburg Medical University Theodor Fontane. At the end of the 1990s, a decision was made to consolidate the multi-site hospital in one new building in the city of Perleberg. The move was made in 2002. nora rubber floors had already been used in the separate buildings for many years with excellents results. The ruggedness and ease of cleaning the floors were the main decisive factors that led to the hospital management choosing extremely resistant floors made by nora. The entire new building was fitted with nora floor coverings, from operating theatres to patient's rooms.
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