Floor Inlays Facilitate Orientation


In a place where thousands of people are transported every day, orientation is of great importance. Your passengers feel significantly safer when symbols, wayfinding systems and warnings are clearly visible. The floor covering plays an important role here. Inlays from nora enable you to optimally mark surfaces and routes, keeping your passengers informed in their travels.

Safety thanks to clear symbols

Clear symbols for wheelchairs, bicycles, suitcases or baby carriages help you provide your passengers with a quick overview of particular areas. Warnings, as well as safety or direction symbols, also make it easier for international passengers to find their way around quickly, regardless of language.

The symbols are firmly anchored in the floor and thus protected against vandalism. Thanks to precision cutting and incorporation into the floor covering, the indicators last significantly longer than signs or stickers – an important advantage when it comes to hazard warnings.


Infinitely flexible design

Our modern ultrasonic cutting machine allows us to produce any shape, symbol, or wayfinding system design – CNC controlled, according to the order and precise, down to the last millimeter. This is done based on the relevant installation plan in order to ensure an effortlessly coordinated quick and easy installation. Thanks to the exceptional dimensional stability of norament and noraplan rubber, each inlay can be installed seamlessly.


Wide range of colors, installed precisely according to the plan

Whether it’s red and yellow warnings or green emergency exit signs, symbols often have their own language of colors. The range of colors offered by norament and noraplan floor coverings is ideal for this. You can choose from a variety of shades and can also order special colors if required.

Installation is facilitated by an installation plan that highlights all the areas and elements. This speeds up the installation of inlays in your vehicles. On request, our experts will also assist your specialist installer on-site with the initial installation.

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