Fire Resistant Floors for exceptional Passenger Security

Fire protection

In rail vehicles, buses, and ships, the subject of fire protection and passenger safety is of paramount importance. With flame-retardant nora rubber, you protect your passengers from fire and toxic fumes.

Protect Your Passengers

In the case of fires in trains, ships, or buses, it is not only the spread of flames itself, but above all the build up of smoke and gas that poses a great danger to your passengers. Many flooring covering coatings burn easily and contain substances that release hazardous gases in the event of a fire. nora floor coverings, on the other hand, are highly flame-retardant and free of PVC and halogens. This means that in the event of a fire no hydrogen chloride is formed, which could lead to respiratory tract burns. There is also no danger of toxic, halogenated dioxins and furans forming. nora rubber floors have been classified as fire-toxicologically safe.

Meet Safety Requirements

There are special standards and requirements for fire protection in local and long-distance traffic and on ships to ensure passenger safety. Preventive fire protection is made possible through the selection of the right fire-resistant materials. nora floor coverings meet the highest requirements of all international fire protection regulations (EN 45545, DIN 5510-2, BS 6853, NF F 16-101, NFPA 130, UIC 564-2/12, IMO).

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