Because fire protection saves lives

Fire protection

Fire protection and fire toxicological safety play an important role in public buildings. Whether in airports, offices, museums, or theaters, choosing the right construction materials during the planning phase makes a decisive contribution to a successful fire protection plan.

Being highly flame-retardant, nora rubber floors offer great advantages in this regard. Additionally, they are free of PVC and halogens - , releasing no hazardous or toxic smoke in the event of a fire.

Ensuring safety for all

During fires, especially in public buildings, more than 90% of victims are harmed not by flames, but by smoke. You don’t want the materials in your facility to contain substances that would release life-threatening gases when burned - making the smoke life threatening if inhaled.

The advantage of nora floors is that in the event of a fire they will not release hydrochloric gas which can lead to respiratory tract burns. When hydrogen chloride combines with the water used to put out fires, the hydrochloric acid produced corrodes buildings, machinery, and electrical contacts even outside the immediate center of the fire. These consequences of the burning of PVC are often greater than the direct fire damage.

When nora rubber floors burn they release no hydrogen chloride that could lead to respiratory tract burns. The formation of toxic halogenated dioxins and furans can also be avoided with nora floor coverings. They have therefore been classified as fire-toxicologically safe.

For your fire protection plan

A professional fire protection plan is individually tailored to the building and guarantees the best possible safety. In cultural institutions such as museums, libraries, or theaters, equipment and construction materials can often cause fires to spread more quickly.

nora flooring products can help you meet and verify your fire protection requirements at all times.

Fire protection

Precision landing with rubber flooring

When travelers explore a new country or city, the airport is often their first impression. Creating a welcoming, safe, and friendly ambiance is therefore a central goal in the outfitting of airports. Just as important as the design are technical fire protection characteristics.

One of the main reasons for choosing nora is fire safety. Because nora rubber is highly flame-retardant, its ideal for heavily frequented buildings. This is why our flooring has already been installed in many airports around the world.

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