Fire-safe Floor Coverings for your School

fire protection

If there is a fire in a school, kindergarten, or university, panic quickly results, and then every second counts. Because toxic smoke is particularly dangerous, the fire and smoke properties of the materials used in construction are important. nora rubber floor coverings are flame-retardant and fire-toxicologically safe. That means that even during a fire no poisonous gasses will be released.

Smoke and Possible Consequences

Most of the victims of fires are not affected by the direct action of the flames, but by toxic gases. The smoke produced by a fire spreads faster than you think. Just 500 sheets of commercial writing paper, which can be found in every school and university, will produce over 2,500 cubic meters of smoke. This will spread uncontrollably, making effective fire control more difficult.

And it is not only paper that is a problem during a fire. Many construction materials release poisonous and life-threatening gasses when burned. nora rubber floors are flame-retardant, as defined in EN 13 501, and free of PVC. In the event of a fire, no gases poisonous to human beings or capable of causing respiratory tract burns, such as carbon monoxide or toxic halogenated dioxins and furans, are released.

In addition, hydrochloric acid can form through the combination of hydrogen chloride and the water used to extinguish fires, which can lead to massive damage to your building. Because nora rubber floor coverings are PVC-free, they ensure that no hydrochloric gas is generated during a fire. This not only makes your educational facility safer, but also minimizes damage.

Fire Toxicological Safety

The fire behavior of nora floor coverings is regularly checked. The floors are demonstrably fire-toxicologically safe according to DIN 53 436.

Avoid Smoke-Filled Escape Routes and Save Lives

Smoke impedes visibility and makes escape from dangerous areas more difficult. The primary goal of building ordinances and fire safety regulations is to prevent the spread of fire and smoke in a building. For this reason, special requirements are placed on construction materials, especially when planning escape routes.

nora rubber floors meet the requirements of the strict regulations, and will not contribute to the generation of smoke. They are flame-retardant and do not contain substances that produce toxic gases when burned.

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