One flooring system, unlimited possibilities

Balgrist Campus

Life is complicated enough already. You want to simplify. Offering a complete ecosystem of coordinated products, nora ensures an easy harmonization of material in your industrial spaces.

Whether it’s skirting, steptreads, or special applications like connections to pipe penetrations, when you choose nora, you can have peace of mind knowing all components of your flooring system are offered in complementary color options and designs – yet all come from the same mold, and are all backed with one warranty from a single company – nora.

Functionality and design delivered

You don’t have to choose between material performance and material aesthetic any longer. nora delivers both.

Giving you the ability to combine different flooring properties - such as added slip resistance, or electrostatic discharge capability- without interrupting the coherence of your design, is one of nora’s strong points. All of nora’s specialty flooring products work seamlessly to not only further enrich your overall motif, but support you technically in your specialized industrial areas.

From skirtings to stairwell solutions – all a matter of the system

They say the devil is in the details, and it’s the details that produce outstandingly functional industrial spaces.

Included in nora’s ecosystem of products are tight-fitting skirtings and corner moldings as well as color-matched joint sealing compound and hot welding rods. A cushioned-edge profile allows installers to easily mount wall hoists.

Prefabricated interior and exterior corners complete the system – and ensure you will see perfection at every turn in your building.

Even in stairwells, safety and comfort are on the same level. Benefit from the comprehensive system program in many ways:

  • Optimal footfall sound absorption for noise reduction in stairwells
  • Integrated signal lines for sure footing
  • Slip-resistant surfaces reduce risk of falling
  • Design and color coordination for stairs and corridors

complete package

complete package

complete package

complete package

Coordinated building components with nora one

nora one combines low-emission nora rubber with low-emission installation materials, encompassing the entire floor in a total concept. With this, you avoid the risk of unwanted material interactions

Customized solutions for sterile connections

nora offers a variety of configurations and tailored solutions for connections to frames, pipes, drains, or other installations. The nora service team would be happy to advise you regarding your individual project requirements.




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