Keeping your kids healthy

Kita-Kind spielt auf dem Fußboden

Small children learn and discover using all of their senses. They play on the floor and get into everything. If the floor contains harmful substances, they can be absorbed into the body through the skin and cause health problems.

This also impacts the quality of the indoor air that children and students breathe. Compatible nora rubber floors are environmentally-friendly so that parents and those responsible for kindergartens, schools, and day-care centers can ensure that contact with the floor is safe.

Frei von Weichmachern

Contact With the Floor Explicitly Allowed

Children are allowed to and should play, romp, and run around on the floor. But it is important that floor coverings do not release harmful substances when they come into contact with the skin. This is why it is important to use non-polluting, low-emission floor coverings, such as those from nora systems. Whether it is a school, kindergarten, or day-care center, choose nora floors, made exclusively from high-quality, environmentally compatible raw materials and color pigments. 

Children Need More Protection

"Children need special care because their bodies are still developing and may react more sensitively to chemical influences. Some of these development processes – such as sexual and cognitive maturation – are particularly susceptible to interference. Children are – relative to their body weight – more exposed to pollution than adults.”

 Source: Federal Environmental Agency, Results of the Children-Environment Survey
“How pollutants and noise affect the health of our children”

Internationally Distinguished Solution

The environmental compatibility and emission-free performance of nora rubber flooring has been tested and certified internationally by many institutes and committees. 

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