High-quality floor covering for canteens and cafeterias

Floor coverings for canteens, cafeterias and dining halls must be able to withstand high levels of traffic. nora rubber floor coverings meet these wide-ranging requirements and offer a number of unique benefits (including slip resistance and noise damping) and easy cleaning after meals or assemblies.

Canteen design with nora floor coverings

Lounge with nora floor coverings

Robust rubber flooring for the canteen

Bistro design with nora floor coverings

Canteen with nora floor coverings

School canteen design with nora floor coverings

Refectory with nora floor coverings

Floor coverings for canteens and cafeterias – hygienic, slip resistant and long lasting

The range of subjects taught at schools is just as varied as the demands placed on the flooring. One area with its own special requirements is the canteen, as almost every single person in the school – both teachers and students – sets foot in there every day. This means that selection criteria for the flooring in canteens or cafeterias differ quite significantly from those for the flooring in classrooms and changing rooms, for example.

nora® floor coverings meet all the criteria food serving areas and feature different surface structures based on the requirements. This means they always offer the right level of slip resistance for each particular area. We have developed floor coverings with a high degree of resistance to oil, grease and chemicals especially for canteens, cafeterias and other areas where soiling is likely and cleaning is frequent.

Flooring for canteens and cafeterias: What needs to be taken into account?

Due to the high volume of traffic, the floor in canteens is subject to a different level of stress compared to other areas. Not only must it withstand the mechanical stress but also meet safety requirements such as those related to fire protection and slip resistance. In addition, canteens are often run on a very tight schedule, which means that the canteen flooring must also be easy to clean and care for.

Overview of the key aspects:

  • Comfort: The flooring in cafeterias and canteens should create a friendly atmosphere. This is achieved through attractive colours, providing a comfortable surface to walk on and good sound-insulating properties. Last but not least, the floor covering should also fit in with the overall concept of the canteen or cafeteria and contribute to a harmonious interior design.

  • Cleaning and care: The flooring should be resistant not only to dirt and stains, but also to problematic substances like oil and grease. Flooring that is easy to clean – either manually or using a machine – make internal processes easier.

  • Material quality: High abrasion resistance and resistance to heavy usage are key. This is especially true for the flooring in canteens and cafeterias, which receive a large number of visitors every day.

  • Safety: Floor coverings in canteens or cafeterias have to be slip resistant even when soiled with oil or food.

High-quality solutions for high-traffic areas

Rubber floor coverings from nora® are specially designed for areas with high traffic. They combine all the properties that a good canteen flooring should have and also meet the highest visual standards. In addition to very good slip resistance and sound insulation, the flooring is designed to be easy to clean. Once the lunch period is over or after an assembly the canteen or cafeteria floor can be cleaned quickly and easily.

Many of the floor coverings from nora® are largely resistant to oil and grease, making them ideal for the high demands in school canteens and food serving areas. An inferior floor covering could suffer long-term damage from contact with oil and grease. There is also a risk that it could become detached from the subfloor over time. With oil- and grease-resistant floor coverings from nora®, such damage can be avoided.

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