nora's quality policy


nora’s quality policy as part of the nora business policy

Our corporate culture is characterized by swift action, exceptional openness to market developments, and the notion of keeping our customers at the center of everything we do,with the aim of increasing customer satisfaction, achieving high quality standards, and demonstrating economic efficiency in all functions.

Our actions are guided by identifying, understanding and satisfying the needs and expectations of those we serve.  Through intensive cooperation between all departments, communication with the market, productivity, speed, and innovation in all processes, we are able to align ourselves with the customer’s goals.

In doing so, we take into account the opportunities and risks that can arise for our patrons when we provide them with services. This takes place in relation to processes and tasks as well as in the course of nora risk management.

We create transparency regarding the respective markets. We also use our contacts to expand our knowledge of customer mentality, expectations and preferences. We recognize the trends relevant to our business at an early stage and react accordingly.

Taken together, these measures put us in a position to react intelligently, quickly, and flexibly to the wishes of our clients, thus ensuring their long-term loyalty.

To enable nora systems GmbH to assume responsibility for the services it provides to the interested parties, we maintain a certified quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and of course consider our quality policy to be part of our business policy.

The details of our holistically developed nora business policy can be viewed in the following documents: 

For more information about the company's commitment to sustainability and quality, as well as certifications for the company and its products, please click here.
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