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Puyallup Tribal Community/Youth Center

Puyallup Tribal Community/Youth Center

During the past two years, the Puyallup Tribal Community/Youth Center in Fife, WA, has been transformed from a dilapidated yellow structure with unattractive ductwork and wiring running across its exterior to a clean, beautifully crafted cedar-clad facility that welcomes members of the Puyallup Tribe to a variety of activities. The center complex includes a new gymnasium, canoe house, plaza and main building, which features a commercial kitchen, offices and an expansive gathering space with an eye-catching floor design, where community members meet for youth activities, meetings, weddings, funerals and other cultural events. more

Despite suggestions that the dilapidated Levee Building, which served as the Puyallup Youth Center, be demolished, members of the Puyallup Tribe opted to renovate the structure inside and out, doubling the amount of usable square footage in the process with the addition of a new gymnasium and outside plaza. Today, the Levee Building features a gathering space whose unique, basket-weave floor design immediately attracts the attention of visitors. Following the recommendation of their architect, Capital Architects, Inc., the tribe used norament® serra to create the interesting pattern, pleased with the floor’s ability to stand up to the heavy foot traffic, moving furniture and food spills associated with regular use and a variety of activities. They also appreciate acoustic properties that contribute to a quiet environment, so important during sacred events, and a simple cleaning regimen that makes it easy to maintain the floor despite a busy calendar of scheduled activities. Challenged by an uneven slab, they took great care to level it where they could and address moisture concerns. The result is a warm and inviting floor that pays tribute to the rich heritage of the Puyallup Tribe.

Data and facts

Building Puyallup Tribal Community/Youth Center
Market Segment Public Buildings
Architect Capital Architects, Inc. - Everett, WA
Installation Year 2012

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