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Rubber floors enable OR‘s to be cleaned quickly and hygienically

Operating rooms are the heart of a hospital - they contribute significantly to the economic success of a hospital. For this reason, they have to be ready for operation around the clock. The choice of high- quality, durable materials for these areas represents a decisive economic aspect. This applies all the more to the flooring which must meet high hygienic standards. Rubber floor coverings by nora systems satisfy all of these varied requirements. Due to their extremely dense surface, they are exceedingly robust and coating is not needed. In addition, no welding is needed thanks to their dimensional stability - facilitating hygienic cleaning. The rubber floors also impress with their excellent ergonomic qualities. This range of advantages impressed Asklepios Klinik Nord in Hamburg-Heidberg when it came to choosing the floor covering for 11 renovated OR‘s. more

No downtime for Hamburg‘s largest clinic

With approximately 1,600 beds at three locations, Asklepios Klinik Nord is Hamburg‘s largest clinic. It is a hospital with specialized medical services for the northern parts of the Hanseatic city and for the southern regions of Schleswig-Holstein. On an interregional basis it covers almost the entire medical spectrum with the highest level of quality. Asklepios Facility Services GmbH (AFSH) is responsible for cleaning hospitals in Heidberg, Ochsenzoll and Wandsbek. Together with her team of about 100 employees, facility manager Marlies Walther ensures cleanness and hygiene around the clock - a complex task. „Cleaning hospitals is a great challenge, as rooms and OR‘s are usually permanently occupied and downtime cannot be accepted,“ she says. „It is therefore extremely important that the floors are easy to clean.“ In addition, the time frame for cleaning is very short, especially in an OR. „During peak periods, the rooms have to be ready for operation in less than ten minutes,“ says Marion Krümmel, responsible team leader for OR cleaning in Heidberg.

Non-coated floors for more efficiency

nora floors are optimally suited for these demanding requirements, as they do not need the usual surface coating for elastic floor coverings. „The rubber coverings just need simple maintenance cleaning, either by hand or by machine,“ notes facility manager Walther. „So we only have to wipe once.“ This not only saves time and money for the clinic, it also enables permanent operation - 24/7. „Uninterrupted availability of the operating rooms is extremely important to the hospital,“ emphasizes OR manager Peter Lehnen, whose responsibilities include capacity requirements planning, controlling and construction management. „The floors are the crucial point of many construction projects. We therefore strive to use high-quality, robust products that don‘t cause any problems.“ The electrostatic discharging, OR proven floor coverings by nora systems are available in different qualities, colors and designs.

Jointless installation for perfect hygiene

The jointless installation of nora floors also offers many advantages - especially with respect to hygiene. „Joints are always weak points as germs can penetrate there,“ observes Lehnen. In addition, the appearance of the surface is affected by soiled joints. In contrast, jointless installation makes the fl oor look great even after several years. nora rubber coverings are resistant against surface disinfectants and staining. An analysis by the hygiene institute at the university of Heidelberg confirmed that floor areas that have been covered with nora jointly rubber coverings can be disinfected entirely.

Highest ergonomics for more comfort in the OR

When furnishing operating rooms, ergonomics play a central role - for good reason: the pressure on support and muscolosketal system of OR staff caused by prolonged standing can result in major muscle tension and degenerative changes to the intervertebral discs and vertebrae. The quality of the floor covering is decisive for comfortable standing; the body tires faster on hard surfaces than on elastic floors. Thanks to their permanent elasticity, rubber coverings support doctors and OR staff during hours of standing and noticeably relieve back and joints. nora floors contribute to a healthy working environment. This is also affirmed by Marion Makowe, OR manager at the Asklepios Klinik Heidberg. „It is comfortable to walk and stand on rubber floors.“ Since being equipped with nora floor coverings, the staff no longer asks for rubber standing mats as had been the norm previously. In addition, the high elasticity has no negative infl uence on the rollingtraffic capability of the floor: „We have no problems bin this respect, despite the heavy beds and machines,“ says the OR manager.

Data and facts

Building Asklepios Klinik Nord
Owner Asklepios Klinik Nord
Market Segment Healthcare
Products norament® grano™ ed
Architect Asklepios Kliniken Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH, Zentrale Dienste Bau, Königstein-Falkenstein,
Installation Year 2011
Photographer Oliver Heinemann
Hamburg Asklepios Nord
Hamburg Asklepios Nord
Hamburg Asklepios Nord
Hamburg Asklepios Nord
Hamburg Asklepios Nord


norament® grano™ ed

Electrostatically dissipative “ed” floorings for optimum ESD protection of electronic devices and equipment. Protect against electrical shock, resist most oils and greases and are suitable for forklift truck areas.

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