norament Noppenbelag bei BMW in Dingolfing

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A well-rounded affair: the pastilles are turning 50!

Why, wherefore, for what reason? Curiosities and things worth knowing about norament, the ever-young cult floor covering

Why not a single day goes by without new pastilles

In 1967, norament’s pastille floor coverings began their march to victory. Around the world, 33 million square meters have been sold and installed to date. The small  pastilles are 0.5 millimeters high – altogether, the covering is four millimeters thick. The normal tile format is 1,004 x 1,004 millimeters.      
Logo norament Jubiläum

How a man named Nürnberger paved the way to success

A good 510,000 people can claim to be citizens of Nuremberg. But there was one man, a chemist with a PhD called Walter, who was named Nürnberger. Today he is remembered as the developer of the formula for rubber that has made nora systems so successful. In Latin, Nürnberger is “Norimbergensis,” and this is where the brand name comes from.  

The role that a shoe’s sole played at the very beginning

It was a pioneering step, the footprint that started it all and continues to pave the way to suc-cess today: the first chapter in the company’s history was written in 1938, with the production of shoe soles. Building on this experience, eleven years later the production of rubber floor coverings began.   

Why the pastilles are not only – but quite often – gray

The pastilled covering norament 926 is available in approximately 20 standard colors, as well as in customized special colors. But one thing that has not changed in 50 years is that black and gray have remained trendy colors, and above all stone gray and platinum gray. These have been leading the “Made in Weinheim” greatest hits list since the first hour, and they continue to do so today. That is why many, but not all, of the pastilles in the world are gray, gray, and gray again.   

What elephants have to do with the little round pastilles

They are the largest living land animals. Each of them weighs about a ton. 1,200 of these big gray leviathans roughly equal in weight the pressure used to compress norament floor cover-ings during production. More pressure? Almost impossible. Simply animal-strength.   
norament Noppenbelag in der Allianz-Arena München
Allianz Arena Munich, Germany

The reason why even in soccer there is no way past the round nubs

Tens of thousands of fans, week after week: in many stadiums, there’s always something go-ing on – and not just when it comes to the game.  The turf has to be in top condition for the players – and so do the floor coverings around it. No wonder, then, that the operators of flag-ship projects like Allianz Arena in Munich or Rand Stadium in Johannesburg put their trust in the pastilles from Weinheim.    
norament Noppenbeläge in Umkleidekabinen der Shabaya Arena in Sotchi
Shabaya Arena Sochi, Russia

Why the little round pastilles are made for all sizes

Customized Solutions. This English term has long since become part of our language. Tailor-made solutions are no strangers to the  pastilles. To the contrary. Customer-specific, individ-ually tailored norament floor coverings can be realized for areas of 800 square meters or more. Upper limits? None. Take, for example, Koenig & Bauer AG. Approximately 90,000 square meters of nora pastilles were installed at this traditional German company. They also decided to go with the classic stone-gray.
Fußbodenbeschriftung mit norament Intarsien im China Pavillon der Expo 2010
China Pavillon Expo 2010

Why norament makes Sisyphean tasks easy

With rubber coverings, individual designs and compositions can be created – using inlays. This is made possible by the nora systems Design Center, where our experts can handle al-most any scale or motif. For example, an inlay with an almost unimaginable 4,000 compo-nents – expertly installed across 4,000 square meters following detailed instructions. Every day, visitors to the Magic Planet shopping center in Riyadh walk across this work of art. Ab-solutely record-breaking!  
norament Intarsien in der Seven Bridges Ice Arena
Seven Bridges Ice Arena, Woodridge, IL, USA

Why so many manufacturing companies depend on the round pastilles

The pastilles, thanks to their impermeable surface which is resistant to oil and grease, to their slip resistance, and to their longevity, are all impressive reasons why they are at home in many production facilities and workshops. They are also often used in home improvement supply stores, because they provide particularly good traction on slopes when compared to smooth covering surfaces. And anyone who lifts off regularly has the secure nubs under his feet – on countless gangways at airports around the world.    

The reason why the pastilles stay cool even when it’s freezing out  

Dubai lies 6,600 kilometers to the east of Weinheim. They experience the highest tempera-tures in the world there – but that’s no reason not to have a modern ice rink. The 1,400 square meters of special floor covering installed around the track come from nora systems: norament pastilled flooring has no problem withstanding extreme temperature fluctuations. Even when it is damp, it provides maximum slip resistance for normal footwear, and sharp skates are also no problem for the durable all-rounder. 
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