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norament: A cult flooring with (many) style(s)

rubber tiles from nora systems give architects and designers reliable functionality and the room they need to play creatively with their ideas

Weinheim, November 2017 – When norament was launched in 1967, it was hard to imagine what a global success the high-density pressed tiles would prove to be over the next five decades. Even today, the success is still down to the same open secret: the flooring combines sustainable quality with outstanding functionality in a practical square format. There is also a great deal of variety in terms of style and appearance, creating almost unlimited design possibilities. In situations where durability and wear resistance are the most important factors but a timeless design is also required, such as in airport terminals, museums, office complexes, or arenas, norament is often the first choice. The product that is the byword for this series remains the norament pastille flooring. In addition to this classic product, the standard range also includes the most diverse range of surfaces – from hammered to relief, all of which shine both functionally and especially visually. Customization, inlays, special floorings, and a comprehensive range of accessories complete the norament product line.     

norament 926/825 

norament 926/825 is an always popular part of the standard range – a timeless monochrome design, offered in 20 standard colors. The pastille surface, designed to withstand the highest demands, is permanently resilient and has an almost indestructible surface, which also insulates footfall sounds and ensures slip resistance. 

norament grano

norament grano, on the market since the mid-1980s, has replaced the pastilles as the bestseller in the catalog. It boasts a classic elegance and ergonomic properties, which it shares with all nora rubber floors. Many architects and designers around the world choose to use this flooring with a hammered surface, because the high-contrast dirt-concealing granular design offers a great deal of aesthetic freedom in interior design and, like all other nora floors, can be laid without grouting. 

norament satura

The proven functional properties of norament satura shine forth. Visually, its hand-crafted hammered surface and a soft, wave-like run are irresistible. The elegant tone-on-tone design creates visual depth, and the unusually high color saturation gives the impression of pure, clear color. An all-around winner in its product range, norament satura is available in two color schemes with a total of 32 shades. 

norament arago

norament arago is the latest addition to the range, and is in no way inferior to the other floors in terms of functionality. In heavily used areas such as entrances or hallways, this flooring creates a very special effect with its pure, natural appearance. Twelve elegant shades of gray are combined in a flat, directional relief structure, with a fine scatter design and modern marbling. With this product, no two tiles are the same – every square meter is totally unique. 

Precision work - special floorings for extreme requirements

Situations where special technical standards are necessary or specific requirements apply call for special floorings from the norament product line, such as norament 992 or norament 992 grano. These floors are designed for areas with extreme demands, such as ice rinks, golf courses, or stables. Such areas require, among other things, a specifically high footfall sound absorption of 15 dB and enhanced slip-resistance. In cases where electrostatic dissipative qualities are required for the best possible protection of electronic components, assemblies, and devices, norament 928 grano ed is frequently used. Not only does it provide optimum ESD protection, it is also highly resistant to oil and grease, and is suitable for work areas where fork lifts are used. With norament 927 grano ec, nora systems also has an electrostatically conductive counterpart in its portfolio. In addition to the aforementioned ESD protection and resistance, it has a superior resistance to acids and alkalis.

Individualized steptreads and a wide range of accessories 

Those who have to move up and down can also rely on the always-steady appearance of norament. The monochrome steptread norament 926 is available in the norament granite and norament satura versions, which provide 12 dB of footfall sound absorption improvement. The tailor-made steptreads, with pre-formed stair nosing, tread, and riser in a single piece, allow individualized combinations. They are suitable, for example, for angled landings and stair edges, as well as for integrated safety stripes. The system is complemented by color-coordinated skirting, sealants, and thermal cords. Even the innovative self-adhesive quick installation system nora nTx is available for norament.    

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About nora systems

nora by Interface is the commercial rubber flooring brand of Interface, Inc. Produced in Germany for over 70 years, nora premium rubber helps to support operations, efficiencies, health, safety and well-being with sustainable flooring that eases maintenance, reduces noise, and provides added comfort underfoot.

Interface, Inc. is a global flooring company specializing in carbon neutral carpet tile and resilient flooring, including luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and nora® rubber flooring. We help our customers create high-performance interior spaces that support well-being, productivity, and creativity, as well as the sustainability of the planet. Our mission, Climate Take Back™, invites you to join us as we commit to operating in a way that is restorative to the planet and creates a climate fit for life.

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