Unleash your creativity with inlays for rubber flooring

Prague Czech National Library Of Technology

Inlay Running Track, Christelijk College De Noordgouw, Heerde, Nederlands

Ladybird Early Learning Center, Dubai

Ladybird Early Learning Center, Dubai

Children's Hospital of Colorado, Aurora, USA

Tuslaw Elementary School, Ohio, USA

West Hill Primary School, Wandsworth

Michelin Trainingscenter, Karlsruhe

Flooring plays a central role in your interior design. Due to the large area that it covers, it has an enormous impact on the overall impact of your design.  Inlays give you unlimited possibilities for elevating your space. Create patterns, effects, wayfinding systems, or brand-specific elements –your imagination can be boundless. 

Limitless room to play with your flooring design

Take advantage of vast design freedom for your floors. Use the floor as an identifier within large areas, incorporate wayfinding systems or warnings, or even color code spaces so that visitors instantly know where they stand. The wide spectrum of colors options available offers you a great range of combination possibilities.

The ground-breaking nora Inlay Center produces complex logos, difficult fonts, and signs using modern ultrasound cutting systems. Everything is produced individually, precisely down to the millimeter. An individualized installation plan is included so that the installation can be accomplished quickly and easily.

Inlays as part of wayfinding systems

Whether the path leads to the car park or to emergency exits - in public, educational, and health care buildings - guidance systems help to ensure proper orientation. Flooring can take on an important function here. Using inlays in the floor, you can anchor areas or provide path indicators, as well as cautionary signs. 

Children's Hospital of Colorado

Always beautiful and low-maintenance

Because nora rubber floors are dimensionally stable, inlays retain their shape permanently. Even with filigree inlays, neither joints nor cracks that could stain and disturb the image will form.

This also means that nora floors with inlays can be cleaned easily and economically. The seamless installation is even suitable for areas where the highest standards of hygiene are required.

Learn more about the hygienic properties of nora rubber floors here.

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