Long-Lasting Flooring for Industrial Success


Industrial floors are often exposed to extreme loads. This often results in not only damage from impacts, but also signs of wear and scratches when heavy machinery and vehicles roll on them for a long time. nora rubber floors are particularly resistant and extremely durable. You floor will remain looking new for decades to come.


Long-lasting elasticity for high impact resistance

Many floors and coatings already show signs of damage when light, sharp-edged objects fall on them. This can damage the surface or cause it to peel. nora floors are completely made of rubber, and always remain dimensionally stable. The superior elasticity and dimensional stability enable the floors to withstand impact effects from falling tools, metal parts, etc. What’s more is that the objects themselves sustain less damage.


Increase in dynamic loads

Dynamic loads are also a challenge for floors. They are mainly brought on by large, roll-able tanks, machines or vehicles. If the floor does not withstand such loads, it poses a considerable security risk and must be replaced or thoroughly renovated. Dimensionally stable nora rubber floors are permanently elastic and wear-resistant. This means they can effortlessly withstand both static and dynamic loads and are suitable for fork lifts.

Attractive appearance is retained

In industry, the heavy loads which often affect floors for many years leave traces. Changes in the supporting base can cause cracks to form in epoxy resin coatings, for example. With nora rubber floors, this risk doesn’t exist. Due to their resistant nature, the elastic floors do not form cracks or tread tracks and remain permanently attractive. They also withstand high temperatures without any problem. You will not run the risk of having to exchange the floors at a high cost or leaving a negative impression on your visitors and customers. You can count on nora floors playing an important role in maintaining the attractive appearance of your production and office space for many years to come.

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