Uncoated floors increase your efficiency and bottom line

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Uncoated floor coverings make hospital operations more economical and efficient. Reduce your long-term maintenance costs by eliminating the time-intensive process of stripping and waxing. Simplified cleaning also means your patient rooms, ORs, and other consequential spaces can stay in operation around the clock, no downtime necessary. The extremely dense, non-porous surface of nora® rubber floors delivers durability for decades. 

So that the floor remains looking new

Your facility only gets one chance to make a first impression. The ultra hard-wearing surface of nora flooring is engineered to withstand your busiest foot traffic, and heaviest rolling loads – while, with proper care, remaining looking new. Whether patient beds at a hospital, or transport trolleys and equipment – premium rubber provides a coating-free smooth and durable surface. 

Eliminate chemicals

The methods used for cleaning nora floorings are well suited to sustainable, environmentally conscious hospitals, as there is no need for harsh cleaning chemicals or highly alkaline basic cleaning agents. With the specially developed nora pads, even old, extremely soiled or stained floors can be sanitized and made to look new again. The cleaning process is simple and quick, and there is little risk of error. To do so, you only need a conventional cleaning machine and clean water. In doing so, you avoid the environmental impact of solvents, surfactants, and alkaline cleaning chemicals.

Enhanced slip resistance for your patients and caregivers

The sanitation or recoating of floors can cause rooms and corridors to be closed. But patients do not always observe no entry signs – and may be at greater risk of falling in the freshly coated areas. Many coatings need time to dry and are very slippery in the meantime.

By foregoing any and all coatings, nora rubber floors eliminate this risk. Your floors will be usable day and night and will be safe to walk on again after the usual cleaning. 

Another benefit is that the slip-resistant property of the surface is permanent. Floor coverings that are subsequently coated can also have their slip resistance class affected by the application of the coating. 

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