Planks and tiles for unlimited possibilities

With nora 4you, individual designs succeeds in completely new dimensions. The modularity of our products ensures endless design flexibility. The principle behind it is quite simple: Different plank and tile sizes are available in various designs and colours. By individually installing them, you can realise a unique interior design. 

Renovación de una escuela: restauración del diseño rectangular histórico

Creating an aesthetic impact

Different laying patterns and colours affect the atmosphere and structure of a room.

Our new plank and tile concept gives you almost limitless freedom to design your rooms the way you want. You can use any combination of plank or tile shapes and colours to influence the overall design of the room. The laying pattern also has a decisive influence on the sense of space. Planks enable you to create a distinctive and individual spatial effect in variants that are precisely tailored to your needs. Even with tiles, you can realise different laying patterns or set unusual accents.

Our plank formats are available with most noraplan designs. We deliver planks in your choice of colour and in five standard sizes. In addition, with monochrome installations of planks or tiles, the edges can be chamfered to accentuate the plank or tile character and create an elegant joint pattern. Talk to us about your ideas and we will be happy to support you with individual planning.

Different formats for endless possibilities and individual room design.

nora 4you: norament plank sizes

Other sizes are available on request.


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Meridiaan College - Het Nieuwe Eemland 

Netherlands (Amersfoort)
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