Our sustainability journey

Sustainability means actively maintaining the balance between the economy, society and the environment. This balance is the basis of our sustainability journey and creates differentiation in the market.

At nora, we believe sustainability today is the foundation of a better tomorrow. As the world’s trusted provider of premium rubber flooring, we’re committed to improving life for everyone who touches our product. Our commitment and upcoming initiatives are built upon the three pillars of sustainability: People, Planet and Prosperity.

From the fields of our natural rubber suppliers to the spaces people use every day, we’re working together to create lasting and positive change.

In 2018 nora was acquired by Interface. Both companies have always have always taken a leadership position in the commitment to sustainability. Thus, nora is now aligning its sustainability goals with those of Interface and together, as one organization, will share a common vision and mission.

See how we're building a better future:

Putting People First:  From safer working conditions to employee education and community support, see how putting people at the center of all we do creates a sustainable future for everyone.
One Planet. One Goal.  A healthier planet begins with a balanced approach to our renewable resources. Discover how nora’s conservation efforts inspire sustainability everywhere we, and our customers, work.
Sharing Prosperity: At nora, we’re dedicated to enriching the lives of every person and organization we touch. Explore the products and processes we’re investing in today to create a more prosperous world tomorrow.
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