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Retail design: Flooring for shops & stores

With fascinating rubber and its excellent functional benefits, you can set the ground for an emotional brand experience

Staging products and creating brand and experiential environments is one of the core functions of retail. In doing so, the flooring is an important architectural and design element when it comes to creating an emotional atmosphere. The flooring also allows you to cleverly arrange sales areas and present differentiated theme worlds. The use of custom-designed and object-specific inlays facilitates the realization of orientation aids and guidance systems. And with innovative quick-installation systems such as nora® nTx, your store design can be quickly and inexpensively adapted to new concepts.

The many functional advantages of the fascinating material rubber also pay off. Be it the reduced generation of noise when walking on nora® rubber flooring or the ergonomic comfort, which is easy on the backs and joints of employees and customers alike.

Expert market, Saarbrücken

Representative sales rooms with norament arago

Architect: BTB Lauer GmbH & Co. KG, Losheim am See ǀ Product: norament arago

"In order to present our main products such as higher-priced TVs, smartphones, tablets and fully automated coffee machines in a correspondingly higher quality setting, we wanted a similarly representative floor," explains Oliver Mayer, Managing Director of Elektro Meyer. We all agreed on norament arago for several reasons: The floor tiles that are available in a total of twelve elegant shades of grey appeal not only with their attractive design and the naturalness of the authentic rubber material:

Longchamp, New York City

Longchamp, New York

Architect: Heatherwick studio, London, UK | Product: noraplan uni

'La Maison unique', is the name of Longchamp's flagship store in SoHo, New York. A 55-tonne steel staircase with noraplan uni applied adds a unique touch to this business. The staircase is the focal point of the building and resembles huge, orange coloured ribbons. What also distinguishes it is that it seems to float. "I've never seen anything like it and I'm sure nobody else has either." said Bob Bond, project manager at Pyramid Floor Covering, Inc., the company that installed the nora flooring in the Longchamp store. Olivier Cassegrain, CEO of Longchamp boutiques in the United States, said that noraplan uni was chosen due to its 'colour and available length". Even the leather-like look and feel of the floor covering corresponds with the brand bags.

Swarovski crystal store Innsbruck

Swarovski crystal store Innsbruck

Architect: Schlögl & Süß Architekten, Innsbruck ǀ Product: noraplan uni

For many years, the Swarovski Crystal Worlds Innsbruck store has been the sparkling attraction around the golden roof of Innsbruck's old town. Inside the building, a bright, modern shopping ambiance is interspersed with centuries-old building features, dating back in part to the Gothic period, which combine history with avant-garde and link the entire range of Swarovski product worlds with contemporary design and contemporary art. The mirrored wall, the crystal staircase and the famous 'Cascade' chandelier are just some of the eye-catching features. The light grey noraplan uni flooring blends discreetly into the architecture and enhances the overall appearance. The shop is a place of timelessness and joy of beauty in every way.

Run2 stores, Germany

Retail design for sports shops with nora floorings

Architect: BG2 Architekten, Düsseldorf ǀ Product: noraplan uni

Since 1984, Runners Point has been all about running: Fresh air, doing something good for the body and freeing the mind - that's what it's about. Running in nature is reflected in the floor design of the Run2Running concept stores. The rubber flooring laid in light grey noraplan uni is reminiscent of a paved, outdoor jogging path. Intarsia solutions create visual accents: Stools placed on green colour islands - like a meadow - invite you to browse or try on shoes. Anyone wanting to test their running shoes before they buy can have a go on the treadmill. These are placed on dark grey rubber floors, which in addition give the store structure and spatial limits.

Shops and Stores - Design

On the safe side with custom designs

Staging products and bringing brand and experiential environments to life is one of the core functions of retail. In doing so, the flooring is an important architectural and design element when it comes to creating an emotional atmosphere. With over 14 design lines and more than 300 standard colours, nora offers you a wide range of products to choose from. Complemented by the wide range of accessories such as wall connection profiles, skirtings, installation materials and cleaning accessories, you can custom design your specific shop project. If you would like to add a colour nuance, please contact us. We will develop and supply you with your special colour at your request. 

Shops and Stores - Guiding

A floor covering that shows your customers the way forward

Clearly separated areas or product ranges and clearly visible route guidance make an enormous contribution to an emotional shopping experience. Sometimes temporary discount areas are also required. Wouldn’t it be great if the flooring could take over these functions? We would be happy to support you with our inlay service and custom building-specific orientation aids and wayfinding systems for you that are completely and jointlessly integrated into the flooring surface. Perhaps you would also like to welcome your customers with your company logo in the flooring. All this can be done with our precise ultrasonic cutting technology. 

Shops and Stores

Save on waiting times and costs

These days, no-one can afford long downtimes when renovating or restoring. This is especially true when it comes to the retail trade. There are usually only a few hours for flooring. That is why we have developed the innovative nora nTx quick installation system where the adhesive has already been applied at the factory. Spare yourself long waiting times and the associated costs. The ntx flooring is ready for use immediately after installation.

Shops and Stores

High indoor air quality - low life cycle costs

Rubber floors are free of PVC, other halogenated polymers and phthalate plasticizers. Distinguished with numerous international environmental labels – including the Blue Angel – they make a lasting contribution to a healthy indoor climate. And thanks to their high resiliencelack of coating and the excellent cleaning properties, investors and operators can keep their life cycle costs to a minimum.

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