Unleash your creativity with inlays for rubber flooring

Flooring plays a central role in your interior design. Due to the large area that it covers, it has an enormous impact on the overall impact of your design.  Inlays give you unlimited possibilities for elevating your space. Create patterns, effects, wayfinding systems, or brand-specific elements –your imagination can be boundless. 

Limitless room to play with your flooring design

Take advantage of vast design freedom for your floors. Use the floor as an identifier within large areas, incorporate wayfinding systems or warnings, or even colour code spaces so that visitors instantly know where they stand. The wide spectrum of colours options available offers you a great range of combination possibilities.

The ground-breaking nora Inlay Center produces complex logos, difficult fonts, and signs using modern ultrasound cutting systems. Everything is produced individually, precisely down to the millimeter. An individualised installation plan is included so that the installation can be accomplished quickly and easily.

Our inlays meet the high quality standards as all nora® floor coverings:

  • extremely durable and long-lasting
  • resilient and suitable for heavy-traffic rooms
  • dimensionally stable – no need for joint sealing
  • easy and economical cleaning
Room inlays
Mapa de Patolandia en el suelo - Museo de la cómic con incrustaciones de revestimientos de nora

Room inlays offer you endless options for creative design with added value

Room inlays are design elements. Depending on the colour combination, design language and combination of materials, they change and shape the room. They visually enhance the floor, inspire and invite you to linger in the room at certain points. They help give spaces a distinctive identity.

Routing systems

A well thought-out routing system is based on the behaviour of the users.

Routing systems help guide people through your facility. Whether for orientation, demarcation or escape routes – it is crucial that your routing system is always visible and understood.

With nora 4you, you can adapt your routing system to your individual spatial circumstances. For example, colour-coded stripes or signs in the floor help people to orientate themselves as they move through different sections or parts of the building.

In order to safely lead out of a building even in the dark, escape routes also require integrated light strips or other lighting elements. For this purpose, nora offers you a variety of inlay options for flooring or skirting boards.

Standard and customised symbols

Choose from our standard symbols or design your own.

There are symbols that everyone understands. The imagery in them is universal and is used almost everywhere in a similar form, as it points to typical topics such as security and potential hazards. Here we offer you a wide range of standardised templates, which we can customise according to your requirements. Simply let us know your desired symbol, size, colour and flooring and we'll take care of the rest.

In addition to our standard symbols, we will be happy to design and create individual symbols to suit your specific requirements.


Logos have a particularly lasting effect as floor inlays.

Many companies use every possible means and media to strengthen their brand and raise awareness of it for potential customers. With nora 4you we offer you an interesting option: Use the floor area of your reception or waiting area and put your logo in the spotlight as a large-scale inlay. This helps your customers and visitors to remember you. Repeated presentation of a logo is unconsciously but constantly perceived and powerfully reinforces brand awareness.

Order process:

Easily turn your individual templates into high-quality flooring.

Would you like to implement your ideas as floor inlays? It's easy and we support you every step of the way. Whether it's drawings or image files, we create CAD-enabled files from your templates. Of course, we are happy to advise you on the design and presentation.

Before we start production, you will get the final layout of your inlay. After your approval it will be cut from norament floor coverings in a high-precision way. Your delivery comes pre-assembled, ready to fit and with a detailed installation plan. The installation itself is just as straightforward and fast as with standard flooring. We are also happy to support you with our technicians on site.



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