Product longevity is an important part of the circular economy discussion and contributes to global sustainable development. The ecological advantages are obvious: longer-lasting goods require later replacement and thus lower new purchase rates. As a result, less waste is produced and smaller amounts of raw materials and energy are used in the production of goods, resulting in less carbon emissions.

nora floors have many advantages in this respect.

  • Due to their extremely dense, closed surface, nora floor coverings are also not only extraordinarily robust and durable; they also do not require coating. This makes them particularly cost-effective to maintain over their entire life cycle.
  • nora floor coverings also offer a long service life. norament flooring coverings have a life of at least 40 years, while noraplan and noracare floorings have a life of at least 30 years.

Long-term references


United Monolithic Semiconductors GmbH

UMS in Ulm (Germany) works 24/7 so the company cannot afford any production downtime. All the materials used in the production facilities had to be extremely durable, lowmaintenance and long-lasting. When the factory was built in 1989, the responsible persons chose nora rubber floorings because they are extraordinarily wear-resistant and easy to clean. The nora ed flooring they selected also reliably retains its electrostatic conductivity for decades.

Schleuninger AG, Thun

norament - Decades of durability under the heaviest loads 

In 2001, norament grano was installed to Schleuniger in Thun, both in the logistics and in the ESD-protected production area. Even high pressure loads caused by daily driving of forklifts, lift trucks or other pallet trucks cannot affect the rubber floor. From mechanical loads to shear forces and pushing forces – norament grano withstands decades of work. It is excellently suited as an industrial floor and also offers a safe and easy-to-maintain solution in the long term. With the help of simple measures tire marks or other abrasion can be removed easily.

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