The ideal floor covering for classrooms and other learning areas such as open campuses 

School is much more fun when the surroundings are right! Pupils and teachers spend many hours a day in the school building - so a positive and healthy learning environment is particularly important. A friendly and pleasant environment improves motivation as well as accelerates and encourages learning success. 

Learning landscape with rubber floor covering

Classroom design, with brown rubber floor covering

Aula en el taller para personas con discapacidad con mucha luz

Preschool with nora floor covering

El color del revestimiento de nora se coordinó en todas las áreas de enseñanza y contribuye a un ambiente de aprendizaje amigable en toda la escuela

Learning landscape: Seating group. Floor covering: Rubber

Learning landscape: Seating group, brown rubber floor covering

Conservatory / College of Music: Music hall, designed with nora floor covering

Open learning landscape with various seating options in vivid colours. Flooring: nora

Classroom, designed with nora rubber floor covering

Reference project for nora floor coverings: Frits Philips Lyceum, Eindhoven

The floor covering in a classroom plays an important role. Primary school pupils often play on the floor, and even older pupils like to sit down on the floor and use it as a seating area and work surface. Floor coverings made of rubber are an excellent solution for classrooms and campuses. When schools need healthy and attractive floors, nora rubber floor coverings prove to be an effective choice for many reasons.

Floor coverings bring colour into schools

The advantages are obvious (and can be felt underfoot, day after day):

nora rubber floor coverings are healthy and look good. The floor covering for classrooms has the very best functional properties. The rubber floor covering for schools is extremely hard-wearing and durable. It is ergonomic and improves the acoustics.

Using colour for a harmonious overall design: The flooring for classrooms, in a wide range of colours

The standard range offers more than 300 colours and various surface structures. Added to this is the possibility of using inlays in the school floor covering to produce differentiated and creative designs. nora rubber floor coverings are not only ideal for classrooms - they can also be used to integrate different zones, guidance systems or play areas. The design can be individually adapted to suit the intended use. The selection of colours and the possible combinations can range from tastefully subtle to strongly contrasting. This allows the rubber floor coverings to blend harmoniously into any setting. The floor covering for classrooms and campuses can be easily combined with other materials and furnishings. Rubber is a homogeneous, authentic material that needs no grouting. A nora floor for schools ensures a long-lasting attractive appearance with a uniform surface.

Good air - a healthy basis! The nora rubber floor in campuses and schools

The effect that a floor covering has on health is extremely important for classrooms and the entire campus. Pollutants can have a negative effect on health. A further aspect to consider: New buildings often have very good thermal insulation. If there is insufficient ventilation, the concentration of CO2 in the indoor air increases. nora rubber floor coverings for classrooms and campuses provide a safe and healthy solution for school buildings. They have been awarded the “Blue Angel... for low emissions” and also hold all other environmental certificates of international importance, such as LEED, BRE, A+ Greenguard Gold and Indoor Air Comfort Gold. Rubber is a well-tolerated raw material that is free of PVC, other hologenated polmymers and phthalate plasticizers and thus contributes to ensuring healthy indoor air when used as classroom flooring.

A damping floor covering creates a pleasant atmosphere by ensuring good room acoustics.

Good acoustics for more peace and quiet in the school building: A quiet floor in the school

When a large number of people are in a room together or moving through a building, the noise level can be quite high. The open architectural design of modern schools is also a contributing factor. Thanks to their permanent elasticity, nora rubber floor coverings dampen the noise of feet walking on the floors and help create a quiet learning environment. This makes it much easier for people to speak, hear and understand each other. Good acoustics with a damping floor covering are essential for communication in a classroom. DIN A 18040-1 regulates the legal requirements for this. A floor covering that facilitates a quiet atmosphere in a classroom also promotes concentration - thus the floor in a school is important in creating a positive environment.

School floor coverings that guarantee robustness and durability

With foresight and forward planning, a lot of money can be saved in the maintenance of school buildings. An easy-to-clean and robust floor covering in the classroom or on campus eases the workload of caretakers and cleaning staff every day. Even after decades of heavy use, nora rubber flooring for schools shows very little wear . It is practically indestructible. The less often a floor covering has to be replaced, the better is its sustainability rating. The hard-wearing rubber flooring for schools is very resistant. Heavy tables or other items of furniture leave hardly any indentations. This allows flexible use of the rooms.


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