indoor shooting range with norament 945 floor covering


norament® 945 grano

norament® 945 grano ensures reliable protection in indoor shooting ranges for official or civil use. This floor covering is designed for use with handguns and long guns and guarantees protection against rebounded or recoiled projectiles with 200-7000 J.

Key Features:

  • Guaranteed protection against rebounded or recoiled projectiles with 200-7000 J (Certified according to VPAM ARG 2012)
  • Extremely durable and wear-resistant
  • Completely made of rubber
  • Free of PVC, other halogenated polymers and phthalate plasticizers
  • Outstanding fire-protection properties: fire-resistance class Bfl‑s1 according to EN 13501-1
  • Anti-slip hammerblow finish offers shooters a solid and secure footing
  • Easy substitution of single, damaged tiles
  • Very easy to clean (can be dry- or wet-wiped)

norament® 945 grano is available in all standard colours of norament® 926 grano.

Minimum order quantity for all colours: 300 m².

norament 945 grano floor covering guarantees protection against rebounded or recoiled projectiles
floor covering norament 945 grano for inndoor shooting ranges according to VPAM ARG 2012
indoor shooting range equipped with norament 945 grano
norament 945 grano is available in all standard colours of norament 926 grano
Installation & Maintenance


Successful rubber floor installation is a combination of high-quality floor covering, proper subfloor preparation and skillful workmanship. nora installation guides provide all the information you need to help ensure that your rubber floor installation will look great and perform well for years to come.

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Your nora rubber flooring requires no finishing, waxing or sealing. All nora floor coverings have a dense, nonporous and dirt-repellant surface—eliminating the need to use unfriendly, harsh cleaning chemicals. Understanding how to properly clean and maintain your new rubber floor, even by using just water, will help you keep it looking attractive for years to come. Follow the tips below and download the specific care guide for your application.

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Product Dimensions

Art. 1938

Format: tile cross-section norament 945 grano flooring for indoor shooting ranges
Thickness: 22 mm
Dimension: 1002 mm x 1002 mm

Project References

Protecting Marksmen: Rubber special flooring norament® 945 grano provides safety in a cinema shooting range 

Germany (Steinenbronn)
norament® 945 grano | diverse

In September of 2019, the Euroshot GmbH cinema shooting range opened in Steinenbronn, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany. Hunters, police officers and sports marksmen all practise at the facility. Safety is the highest priority at indoor shooting ranges of this kind, which means that the legal requirements are very stringent. And this also applies to the floor covering.

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