Stairwell solutions

Individual requirements for stairwells are best fulfilled from our extensive system programme: from the tailored norament® stairtread with integrated preformed stair nosing, riser, and tread to individual combinations of stair angles, stair nosings, and integrated safety stripes. Our system range is rounded off with colour-matched skirting solutions, joint-sealing compounds, hot welding rods, and installation materials.

norament® stairtreads

Stairtread norament® 926 grano

Granular design rich in contrast with a hammerblow surface, footfall sound absorption improvement of 12 dB.

Stairtread norament® 926 satura

Tone-in-tone granular design with a hammerblow surface, footfall sound absorption improvement of 12 dB.

Stairtread norament® 926 arago

Stairtread with flat, direction-oriented relief structure with fine grain design and modern marbling, footfall sound absorption improvement of 12 dB. No two stairtreads are the same – each stairtread is totally unique.

Stairtread norament® 926

One-coloured with classic round pastille, footfall sound absorption improvement of 12 dB.

Additional signal or safety stripes for stairtreads norament®

norament® stairtreads can be additionally equipped with the following signal or safety stripes.

nora® accessories for stairwell areas

Accessory range made of rubber matched to suit norament® and noraplan® floor coverings. Can also be used in combination with other types of floorings. nora® profiles are impact and shock-resistant, do not shrink, do not contain any phthalate plasticizers and retain their functional reliability long term.


Stairwell solution with nora floor-coverings in Swiss research building

norament 926 pastilled stairtread with signal stripe at Hammersmith Academy, London

Staircase with norament stairtread (with pastille) in an industrial building

Green stairs and seating steps: Multi-purpose room in an Austrian nursery with nora floor coverings

Curved staircase with nora floor-coverings in Chinese school

yellow norament stairtreads with a pre-shaped stair nosing, riser, and tread all-in-one piece

blue-grey norament 926 grano stairtreads with yellow signal stripes

Classy brown staircase / foyer with noraplan uni floor coverings in the Barenboim-Said-Akademie, Berlin

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