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Company canteen of the BMW Group, plant Landshut

Good food, great atmosphere, excellent acoustics

Rubber floor coverings enhance pleasant break times in the company canteen of the BMW Group at plant Landshut

Eating well in a peaceful atmosphere: The company canteen at the BMW Group in Landshut has rapidly become a popular meeting place for employees thanks to its pleasant ambiance. The employee canteen was opened at the end of 2018. It is bright and modern in design and the spacious construction has an attractive and open effect. However, this style of construction places increased demands on the room acoustics. The company canteen is not only used for eating, it is also a place for communication. The level of noise caused by conversations is exacerbated by the sounds of clattering crockery and cutlery. It was, therefore, essential to use materials that lower the background noise in the room as far as possible when fitting the company restaurant. For this reason, the BMW Group selected norament® 926 arago made by nora systems as a floor covering. This rubber flooring helps to achieve good acoustics. Around 900 square metres were installed throughout the canteen. It is also particularly hard-wearing and serves as an attractive design element thanks to its natural-looking relief structure. 

Sound-absorbing and ergonomic

The Landshut plant supplies all BMW Group vehicle and engine production plants around the world with innovative components. At this centre of excellence for lightweight construction and electromobility, around 4100 employees of 35 nationalities work to set the trends for an entire industry. It was important to those responsible at the BMW Group that the company canteen exudes a comfortable character to allow employees to relax as much as possible during their meal breaks. The pale beige chairs and tables contrast with dark brown seating. High tables in pale solid wood divide and break up the room. The food counters themselves look good enough to whet your appetite: The motto “Vielfalt, Genuss und Frische” (variety, enjoyment and freshness) is hung above the dark brown counters with glass top units. The BMW Group takes care to ensure good acoustics in their company canteens, as do many employers around the world these days. This involves reducing noise levels. “In addition to sound insulation elements in the ceilings and walls, the floor covering can also contribute significantly to reducing the noise levels,” explains Helmut Wichmann, district manager at nora systems. more

Hard-wearing and elegant

The dense, closed surfaces of nora® floor coverings are ideal for high-traffic areas. Since 2014, nora systems has already delivered more than 77,000 square metres of norament® and noraplan® floors to the BMW Group across the world. In Germany, a total of around 37,000 square metres were delivered to the plants in Dingolfing, Landshut, Leipzig, Munich and Regensburg. The nora® floors have been installed in factory halls, laboratories and research centres. So far, the BMW Group has used norament® 926 grano most frequently. norament® 926 arago, the latest addition to the norament® range, has a stylish marble finish that makes it ideal for impressive areas such as the company canteen at the Landshut plant. Each tile is different from the next so every square metre is unique. norament® 926 arago is available in twelve elegant shades of grey. This purist spectrum of colours is a popular choice for giving rooms a modern yet natural look.

Sustainable and durable

Sustainable thinking and action are of vital importance to nora systems and our products contribute to this ideology in a number of ways: The less often an interior floor has to be replaced, the more positive the effect on the sustainability rating. Rubber floors are extremely wear-resistant and durable and look almost as good as new even after decades of intensive use. In this way, they make a major contribution to sustainable and healthy construction, as evidenced by international certifications such as the Blue Angel, LEED, BRE, A+ Greenguard Gold and Indoor Air Comfort Gold. The floors also retain their permanent elasticity throughout their entire life cycle. Furthermore, nora® rubber floor coverings do not require any coatings, allowing them to be cleaned easily and economically. They contain no phtalate plasticisers or halogens, meaning they are particularly low in emissions and support good interior air quality. In this way, the decision of the BMW Group to use nora® floors not only improves well-being and sustainability, it is also an investment in the future. Why? Because employees who can rest and relax during their breaks are healthier and more productive.

Data and facts

Building Company canteen of BMW Group, plant Landshut
Products norament® 926 arago
Architect Bauforum Architekten- und Ingenieursgesellschaft
Installation Year 2018
Photographer Markus Bachmann
Comedor de BMW la planta de Landshut de BMW Group con revestimiento de caucho norament arago
revestimiento nora en el comedor de BMW: Comer bien en un ambiente tranquilo
relajar de la mejor forma durante su hora de comida: Comedor de BMW, Landshut
Comedor de BMW de Landshut: una referencia por los revestimientos de caucho nora
comedor: el revestimiento nora contribuye a reducir considerablemente el nivel de ruido
Comedor de BMW de Landshut con revestimiento norament 926 arago
revestimiento de suelo norament arago con estructura en relieve con aspecto natura
comedor con revestimiento de suelo norament arago
selección revestimientos por comedor de la planta: norament arago (gris)


norament® 926 arago

Flat, direction-oriented relief structure with fine granules and modern marbling design for maximum demands. No two tiles are the same – each square meter is totally unique.

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