Transportation Rail 1000 750
Transition Line Market Segment Transportation

Transportation Solutions - Rail

High-performance flooring solutions for the international rail industry


Please find below an overview on the different design options – detailed information is available on the following product information pages.

Fire behavior according to EN 45545 – HL1 / NFPA 130

norament 926 serra 4930

norament® 926 arago


Fire behavior according to EN 45545 – HL2

noraplan® stone plus mobil (931)

noraplan® eco mobil (931)

noraplan ultra grip 6015

noraplan® ultra grip mobil (931)


noraplan® plus mobil (931)

noraplan® stone mobil (931)

noraplan® grip plus mobil (931)


noraplan® effect spezial mobil (931)

noraplan effect 1806

noraplan® effect mobil (931)

noraplan® grip mobil (931)


norament® 920


Fire behavior according to EN 45545 – HL3

noppe 0733

norament® 920


The shown colors are just desgin examples, other colors available with minimum quantity

Also available with the easy install nora® nTx system.
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