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Our corporate culture is characterised by swift action, exceptional openness to market developments, a high degree of customer focus with the aim of increasing customer satisfaction, short communication channels, high quality standards and cost-effectiveness in all aspects.

Our actions are based around anticipating, understanding and satisfying the needs and expectations of our customers. Our customer orientation is achieved through close cooperation in all areas, communication with the market, productivity, speed and innovative ability in all processes.

In doing so, we review from a process and task perspective the opportunities and risks that may arise for our customers through the provision of our services.

We create transparency across the relevant markets. We also use our contacts to expand our knowledge of the mentality, demands and preferences of our customers. We identify and respond to the trends relevant to our business at an early stage.

Furthermore, we see it as a task and a challenge to question existing processes and to develop forward-looking solutions by continuously improving the quality management system. Our goal is to continuously improve the quality and competitiveness of the products and solutions we offer.

Taken together, these measures enable us to respond quickly and flexibly to the wishes of our customers and thus to bind them to us in the long term.

Rob Heeres

VP Operations nora systems GmbH

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