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Maternity centre, Bronovo Hospital

Comfort and privacy for parents and children

The new, colourfully designed maternity centre at Bronovo Hospital in The Hague is more reminiscent of a family hotel than a hospital. Following extensive renovations, both the maternity unit and the children’s ward shine in new splendour and now offer an extremely comfortable, stylish atmosphere and much privacy for parents and children.

The Bronovo clinic was founded in 1865 by Dutch deaconesses. Today, this traditional hospital, which is also the teaching hospital of the University of Leiden, has 350 beds and offers comprehensive medical care. Much value is placed on interdisciplinary cooperation. more

Opened by Princess Maxima

The renovation of the maternity centre lasted one and a half years and was very complex, during which the maternity unit and the children’s ward both had to be completely closed. The new centre was finally ceremoniously opened by Princess Maxima in June 2012. The surroundings were already exceedingly familiar to the wife of Prince Willem Alexander, as their three daughters – Amalia, Alexia and Ariane – were born at Bronovo Hospital.

The maternity unit was thus named after the royal couple’s eldest daughter, Amalia. It stands directly opposite the pediatric clinic which bears the name of Prince Willem Alexander.

Individual daily routines

Parents and children find a lot of privacy in the 16 comfortably furnished single rooms and two double rooms. Expectant fathers are allowed to spend the night with their partner whenever they wish. Couples can also organise their daily routines themselves to a great extent and are supported by the nursing staff as desired.

The needs of families also formed the focal point in the planning of the children’s department. There are three suites equipped with incubators where parents can stay around the clock with their sick children, several rooms for out-patients, as well as various play rooms.

Both the maternity unit and children’s ward were presented with awards by the Dutch “Association for Children in Hospital” for their particularly family-friendly concept.

Rubber floor coverings with many benefits

The developer and architects from the architects’ agency Koldeweij en S & D Ontwerpers in Amsterdam wanted floor coverings of the highest quality, while at the same time underlining the contemporary design of the maternity centre. “An important aspect for us was that the surroundings should be of a high standard and smart – not exactly luxurious, but stylish. That begins with choosing the building materials,” says building manager Frans van Riel.

Easy and economical to clean

The densely closed surface of nora’s rubber coverings makes them exceedingly resistant to wear and means they can be easily cleaned and still look like new even after many years of heavy use. And in contrast to other resilient floor coverings, they do not need a coating either. Consequently, although they are somewhat more expensive in the procurement, in the long term nora coverings are the most economic solution for hospitals since 90 percent of the life cycle costs of a floor covering are maintenance-related.

No phthalate plasticisers

Rubber floor coverings contain no phthalate plasticisers or halogens. This means that nora floors contribute to healthy indoor air. In 2006, our floors were the first resilient floor coverings ever to be awarded the “Blue Angel ...for low emissions” eco label for precisely this reason. Healthy living surroundings with pollutant-free building materials count among the essential factors for well-being and recovery, particularly for babies and sick children whose immune systems are not yet fully developed or are debilitated.

Outstanding hygiene qualities

The rubber floor coverings are also a convincing solution where hygiene, the crucial factor in hospitals, is concerned, as they are insensitive to stains and resistant to surface disinfectants. Brief exposure to solvents, diluted acids or lyes does not leave any lasting traces either. Even substances that contain iodine (like skin disinfectants) can be easily removed without any residues.

Healing environment

Colours played a focal role in the renovation of the maternity centre. The consistent colour concept designed by Koldeweij en S & D Ontwerpers takes in both the fitments and furnishings as well as the walls and floors. In the corridors and patients’ rooms, noraplan signa in various warm colours creates a cosy atmosphere. Colourful strips of noraplan uni lend a cheerful touch in the gangways on the wards. The colours used for the floor covering inlays are taken up again on the walls. “The broad colour spectrum available with the rubber floor coverings worked very well for us in the redesigning of both the departments,” emphasises building manager van Riel. The over 300 shades of colours offered with the nora standard assortment give planners plenty of combination options.

The newly decorated maternity centre is proving to be very popular. “We regularly receive praise from parents and visitors ,” confirms van Riel. A “healing environment” has long been the motto at nora when it comes to building or renovating hospitals. Bronovo Hospital is certainly in keeping with this trend.

Data and facts

Building Maternity centre, Bronovo Hospital, The Hague, Netherlands
Contruction management Bronovo Hospital, The Hague, Netherlands,
Market Segment Healthcare
Products noraplan® signa, noraplan® uni
Architect Marie-Anne Defesche und Joost Koldeweij, S & D Ontwerpers, Amsterdam/Architectenbureau Koldeweij, Amsterdam
Installation Year 2011
Photographer Studio Beeldwerken


noraplan® signa

Rubber flooring with a changing base colour consisting of three harmoniously matched colour components and characteristic granule inclusions. Available in smooth or reflectionbreaking surface.

noraplan® uni

Rubber flooring one-coloured

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