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Healthcare flooring

Get healthy and stay healthy. As a specialist in the healthcare sector, nora offers the ideal flooring to meet the high requirements of different healthcare facilities: Healthcare flooring needs to meet hygiene, medical and safety standards.

nora healthcare floorings meet the unique functional and aesthetic demands of your healthcare facility

nora healthcare flooring is highly fire-resistant

With nora healthcare flooring, you can be sure that you've got it all covered. Thanks to their composition they are considered fire-toxicologically safe according to DIN 53 436. It also needs to be durableeasy to clean and economical.

nora healthcare flooring – ergonomic and highly slip-resistant

From an ergonomic point of view, nora healthcare flooring makes a positive contribution. Due to the durable properties of the rubber, it is gentle on the joints and back while significantly increasing the standing and walking comfort of nursing staff and doctors. nora healthcare floors is wheelchair-friendly and highly slip-resistant (slip rating R9 to R11).

nora flooring, which has been awarded the Blue Angel (UZ120), is extremely environmentally friendly and healthy, making it perfect for use in sensitive hospital areas.

A perfect system including hygienic wall transitions

The nora system concept is also unique: the same design with multiple functions. Planning made easy! nora healthcare floors allows for cross-functional design with maximum creative freedom. These include hygienic wall transitions as well as inlays for signing corridors or zones.

The product’s system concept also includes perfectly designed flooring installation and qualified fitters. This ensures safe and good installation results for constructors and planners.

Flooring for sensitive healthcare use

For decades, hundreds of hospitals have been trusting nora rubber flooring for healthcare: whether highly frequented entrance areasfire-resistant corridorsescape routes and stairwells, or in patient rooms and nurse stations whose atmosphere makes a positive impact on the healing and regeneration process.

nora’s experience and know-how is also valued when designing operating rooms and ICUs. As a specialist in healthcare flooring, nora offers various qualities for these sensitive areas such as electrostatically dissipative floor coverings and different thicknesses to protect subfloors in areas prone to greater stress.

Whether in X-Ray, imaging suites or physiotherapy areas, the range includes radioactively decontaminable and shock-absorbable flooring to create the optimum conditions in these special areas. nora flooring ensures good acoustics in communal areas and its resistance to cigarette heat makes its the right choice of healthcare flooring in smoking areas.

nora flooring's advantages for hospitals, clinics and care facilities

Charité CVK Sation 8i IST

Your daily operations and related budgets over the long term become more efficient and cost-effective when you eliminate the need of floor coatings in your facility. Say goodbye to waxes, strippers, and the time needed to spread and cure these chemicals with nora. Providing a naturally dense and non-porous surface, nora rubber doesn’t require any additional varnishes.


Specific solutions for "Uncoated"

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Hygiene & Infection Control 
flooring in hospital: healthcare flooring from nora systems

Hygienists worldwide are focused on how they can create the optimal healing environment for patients, families, and caregivers with a focus on preventing the transmission of hospital acquired infections (HAIs). Building materials are becoming increasingly important in efforts to effectively reduce the transfer risk of infectious diseases. Safe hygienic solutions such as nora rubber flooring are essential.


Flooring for reliable infection control and perfect hygiene in all high-risk areas ›

Dense, non-porous surface
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Did you know that about 90% of the cost of a floor comes from the perpetual care and maintenance over its entire service life? Chemicals, coatings, and special equipment make cleaning both complex and costly – impacting your operational optimization, and efficiency.

The non-porous, highly dense surface of nora rubber makes cleaning easy to handle – as it’s coating-free and requires little more than water to keep looking new. When it comes to economical cleaning, nora is unbeatable.

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Easy and efficient cleaning

An easy cleaning system is the best way to maintain a beautiful appearance. For this, you need surfaces that contribute to an economical and efficient solution. Floors are the largest surface in a room that need to be cleaned.

Non-porous wax-free surfaces are therefore very important, as are the possibilities for repair and renovation, not least in the framework of a holistic life-cycle cost analysis.

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Economic analysis of flooring shows that investment costs represent only a small part of total costs. Up to 90% of the costs will only be incurred later, in its useable life. These include regularly recurring protective film restoration, basic cleaning, the application of new coatings, and the associated downtime costs. nora rubber floor coverings, in contrast, are uniquely economical over their useable life thanks to their low follow-up costs.

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ESD protection

Flooring systems for ESD protection 

What does antistatic, electrostatic dissipative, conductive, and insulating mean?

Fire Protection
Fire protection

If there is a fire, every second counts. Fhe fire and smoke properties of the materials used in construction are important. nora rubber floor coverings are flame-retardant (according to EN 13 501) and fire-toxicologically safe (according to the German standard DIN 53436). 



Specific solutions for fire protection

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You can create an environment for yourself and others that reduces the strain on your feet. And your legs. And even your back.

With the added cushion of nora rubber, your every step is supported by superior ergonomics and comfort underfoot. That’s because unlike most floor coverings, nora is made of resilient material that eases the stress of walking and standing. That means less fatigue, and enhanced health.

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Fulfilling our customers’ and partners’ requirements is a matter of course to us. We would like to give you our assurance that your decision in favour of nora® floor coverings is the right one: today, tomorrow, and thereafter. This is our claim, and we guarantee it!

See our overview of benefits of nora floorings also for other application areas such as education, industry & life science, public buildings, shops & stores and transportation.

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