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Quick installation systems

nora® nTx - Safe. Fast. Universal.

The quick installation system: nora nTx floor covering with an adhesive backing. Because the powerful adhesive is factory-fitted, nora nTx is as simple as it is ingenious. In a few simple steps, the flooring can be cleanly and safely installed and used immediately. It can be laid on all common concrete or cement screed surfaces, as well as directly on top of existing floorings. Even high levels of residual moisture in the screed are no problem for nora nTx.

Key features

  • Reliable installation results
  • Low downtimes, can be used immediately after installation
  • High efficiency thanks to simplified installation
  • For all types of subfloors
  • Floor-on-floor installation possible

The challenges of conventional laying processes – such as applying the correct amount of adhesive or ensuring sufficient wetting, drying and waiting time before and after laying – are all a thing of the past. The installation couldn’t be easier: trim, remove protective film, roll on – done. And the result is just as durable, sturdy and safe as you would expect from nora floor coverings.

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Accessories for color

*Not exactly matching the base colour, nora system’s recommendation
Logo Greenguard Gold
Greenguard Gold

Logo Etiquetage

Certification Mark Indoor Air Comfort GOld
Indoor Air Comfort Gold

Singapore Green Building Product

Product Dimensions

norament® 926 grano nTx · hammerblow surface · Article 3111

Format: Tile
Thickness: ~ 3,6 mm
Dimension: ~ 1004 mm x 1004mm

norament® 926 grano nTx · cubic structure · Article 3127

Format: Tile cross-section: norament 926 grano nTx with R10 surface
Thickness: ~ 3,6 mm
Dimension: ~ 1004 mm x 1004mm

norament® 926 satura nTx Article 3111

Format: Tile cross-section norament 926 satura
Thickness: ~ 3,6 mm
Dimension: ~ 1004 mm x 1004mm

Article 926 castello nTx / 3177

Format: Tile cross-section norament 926 castello nTx
Thickness: 3.6 mm
Dimension: ~1004 mm x 1004 mm

norament® 926 arago nTx Article 3122

Format: Tile
Thickness: ~ 3,6 mm
Dimension: ~ 1004 mm x 502 mm

noraplan® sentica nTx Article 182C

Format: Sheet
Thickness: ~ 2,1 mm
Dimension: ~ 1.22 m x 15.0 m

noraplan® signa nTx Article 181C

Format: Sheet
Thickness: ~ 2,1 mm
Dimension: ~ 1.22 m x 15.0 m

noraplan® signa nTx with reflection-breaking surface Article 128F

Format: Sheet cross section noraplan signa nTx Article 128F with reflexbreaking surface
Thickness: ~ 2,1 mm
Dimension: ~ 1.22 m x 15.0 m

Project References

Meyer + Harre Interiors Design  

Germany (Berlin )
noraplan® unita, nora® nTx | Industry & Life Science

A new flooring in the shortest of times: Thanks to the new fast installation system nora nTx from nora systems, work could again resume at Meyer + Harre Interiors Design’s Berlin office just a few hours after the start of renovation.

SanaCare Gesundheitsprodukte GmbH & Co.KG, Alsbach-Hähnlein, Germany 

Germany (Alsbach-Hähnlein)
norament® 926 grano, nora® nTx | Industry & Life Science

From a home garage to a newly constructed production hall: Within 14 years, the company’s success in health care products has already required three relocations of SanaCare, based in the South Hessian town Alsbach-Hähnlein.

L&T Sport, Osnabrück: Where shopping becomes an experience 

Germany (Osnabrück)
nora® nTx, noraplan® unita | Shops & Stores

At Sporthaus L&T, noraplan® unita nTx provides a modern industrial look Varied, innovative, and visually attractive: These are all deciding factors for traditional retail outlets when it comes to appealing to a wide range of buyers in the face of online competition. Making shopping an experience is where the future lies. Sporthaus L&T, which opened in Osnabrück at the beginning of March 2018, is running with this concept in every respect.

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