High-quality floor covering for the lecture theatre, assembly hall and library

Future-proof and sustainable - this is what is expected of schools, colleges and universities today. Only then can they remain internationally competitive. Architectural design is increasingly adapting to meet today’s higher demands regarding sustainability and the latest teaching and learning requirements. Floor coverings for the library, assembly hall and lecture theatre need to meet these sustainability requirements. Libraries, lecture theatres and assembly halls form the core of university and school facilities. Good teaching and studying conditions are especially important here. Thanks to their positive influence on acoustics, their robustness and their attractive appearance, nora rubber floor coverings make an important contribution to establishing a perfect learning environment. 

Lecture theatre of the University of Kassel, with green noraplan unita floor covering

Learning landscape with areas for working in pairs, with an orange floor from nora systems

University library, with nora floor covering in dark grey

Seating area in library, with nora floor covering

Learning zone and workplaces in the University Library of Bochum, with grey norament floor covering

Staircase and multifunctional space of school: Material concept of wood and rubber

Library with nora floor covering including inlay work

Flexible room design in the educational centre with rubber flooring in pastel colours

Sterkrade library with nora flooring

Contemporary architecture of the library thanks to nora flooring

Noise-reducing floor covering in a lecture theatre and library optimises learning and communication

A certain base level of noise is generated purely as a result of the size of lecture theatres and assembly halls. In addition, students from many different countries attend schools and universities. This means that many different languages are encountered in one place. A floor covering that is specially developed for this environment reduces unpleasant echoing in assembly halls or lecture theatres and promotes better communication. Because good room acoustics make it easier for people to understand each other. It has been proven that a special floor covering in lecture theatres positively influences speech intelligibility and listening comfort. Another important effect, especially in libraries, is the reduction of walking noise. The high-quality nora rubber floor covering meets these requirements too. nora floor coverings can therefore contribute to a quiet and relaxed learning atmosphere in a library, lecture theatre and assembly hall in many different ways.

The University Library of Bochum

Durable and robust: nora floor covering in lecture theatres and libraries as an investment for the future

Forward-looking planning and design can help save a lot of money in the maintenance of schools, colleges and universities. Robust floors such as nora rubber floor coverings for libraries, lecture theatres and assembly halls make a major contribution in this regard. Thanks to their extremely dense material surface, nora floor coverings show hardly any signs of wear even after decades of heavy use, such as in assembly halls. After all, the attractive floor coverings for university buildings such as libraries, lecture theatres or assembly halls have an average service life of well over 20 years,  which makes them almost indestructible and a good investment for the future.

Rubber floor coverings are also sustainable

A nora floor covering for lecture theatres, assembly halls or libraries is made of high-quality rubber and contributes to sustainability in several ways: The less often an interior floor has to be replaced, the more positive the effect on the sustainability rating. Rubber floor coverings in libraries, assembly halls and lecture theatres are highly valued for their extreme wear resistance and durability. Even after decades of intensive use, the floors still look like new. In this way, rubber floor coverings make a significant contribution to sustainable and healthy construction. International certifications such as the Blue Angel, LEED, BRE, A+ Greenguard Gold and Indoor Air Comfort Gold are a testament to this.
Reference project for nora floor coverings: Frits Philips Lyceum, Eindhoven

Coating-free solution for cost-effective upkeep

Cost-effective maintenance is a decisive factor in ensuring the economic efficiency of schools and universities. nora floor coverings in libraries, lecture theatres and assembly halls are made of rubber, which is a natural material. Since rubber floor coverings have an extremely dense surface, no additional coating is required. Incidentally, rubber floor coverings are the only elastic floor products that do not need coating. 

An educational institution benefits from several advantages: No costly and time-consuming intensive cleaning of the floors or expensive disposal of chemically contaminated cleaning liquids is necessary. The time-consuming process of clearing out furniture from rooms or cordoning off corridors while a new coating is applied to the floors is also a thing of the past. A nora floor covering in an assembly hall, a library or a lecture theatre can be quickly cleaned at regular intervals by simply wiping with a damp mop.


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