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Industrial Flooring

Industrial flooring for areas with extreme use. Industrial areas such as production areas or assembly lines require a very dense and extremely resilient floor with high durability under the heaviest loads. Research and manufacturing environments require specific technical properties: life science flooring needs to be hygienic and easy to clean; for electronic production, ESD floors are necessary.

More safety in industrial facilities with nora flooring solutions for industry and life sciences

Industrial facilities have special requirements. In cleanrooms, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and life science facilities quality requirements are particularly stringent. In these areas flooring plays a decisive role in achieving the required levels of air purity. nora provides industrial flooring systems which meet the critical requirements within these spaces while maintaining exceptional durability.

Industrial floor coverings in production areas such as assembly, workshop and storage areas are exposed to extreme stresses. Forklifts and heavy equipment place high demands on the dynamic compressive loading of the industrial floor. nora industrial flooring systems can easily withstand dynamic loads of up to 6 N/mm2. Substances such as oils, greases, chemicals and bacteria can come into contact with industrial flooring. nora high performance floorings are extremely abrasion-resistant, dimensionally stable, resistant to chemicals and easy to clean.

Industrial flooring for areas within electronics facilities often needs to include Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) protection.

When electronic components are produced or installed, they need to be effectively protected from these possible discharges. Even discharges as low as 100 V, which are not noticeable to people, can damage sensitive components. This damage is often only noticed by the customer when the finished product does not work properly. This quickly leads to high consequential costs because ESD protection has failed during the production process. Within the right system, industrial floor coverings from nora can contribute to a high quality and functionality of important electronic products.

nora offers a variety of industrial and life science flooring for a wide range of applications, including data centres, production halls, laboratories, clean rooms or working spaces. nora floor coverings for industrial floors for various additional application areas such as offices, show rooms, entrances, receptions, cafeterias or break roomschanging rooms or communal rooms create a relaxed atmosphere and are also suitable for those sensitive to allergies, due to their low emission and excellent hygenic properties. With nora industrial flooring in offices, a relaxed atmosphere is created that promotes a better working environment. Even in general circulation areas, on mezzanine floors, raised-access floors or in stairways, nora offers an attractive industrial floor covering solution with complementary accessories.

Advantages of nora floorings for industry and life sciences

Long-Lasting flooring

Floors are often exposed to extreme loads. This often results in not only damage from impacts, but also signs of wear and scratches when heavy machinery and vehicles roll on them for a long time. nora rubber floors are particularly resistant and extremely durable. You floor will remain looking new for decades to come.


Specific solutions for long-lasting flooring


For industrial success

Fork lift suitability

Your industry and life science spaces must handle enormous static and dynamic loads. Whether you are using simple hand trucks, fork lifts, or other transportation equipment: nora rubber floors can handle your most extreme loads, because they are exceedingly abrasion-resistant, dimensionally stable, and easy to clean. Even after decades, with proper care, your nora floor will show almost no change in appearance.



Specific solutions for Fork lift suitability

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ESD protection

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can endanger the quality and functionality of your important electronics. When electronic components are produced or installed they need to be effectively protected from these possible discharges. Even discharges of as little as 100 V, which are not noticeable to a human being, can damage sensitive components.



Specific solutions for ESD protection

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Suitable for cGMP regulated spaces
Dreieich Biotest

In clean rooms or other, sensitive areas within industrial facilities flooring is frequently subject to chemical cleaning and disinfecting agents, corrosive liquids or other media. It is therefore important that floor coverings meet maximum requirements in terms of resistance to these substances in relevant application areas. 


Specific solutions for cGMP regulated spaces 

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Complete package
Balgrist Campus

Life is complicated enough already. You want to simplify. Offering a complete ecosystem of coordinated products, nora ensures an easy harmonization of material in your important spaces.

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Specific solutions for Complete package

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Chemical resistance

Chemicals, acids, oils, and bacteria stand no chance against the non-porous surface of nora floor coverings. For decades nora rubber has inherently repelled and resisted these type of substances and more. See for yourself the results our rubber can deliver.

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Service quality
Service quality

Being the most customer-oriented flooring manufacturer there is – that’s our goal and our promise to you. From the inception and planning stages of your project, to follow up in-services once the floor is installed – you can lean on us through the entire process – and for the life of your floor.

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Easy Repair
Easy Repair

Your floor is the most constantly used surface in your building – day in and day out. Heavy foot traffic, sliding furniture, and falling sharp objects are just a few things your floor must withstand regularly.

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Future Office
Future Office

More than ever before, indoor climate - air quality, light, temperature, and acoustics - are shaping the design of office buildings of the future. This is why nora is a partner in the trend-setting research project “My Future Office.”

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Boerhof Showroom Valua

You can create an environment for yourself and others that reduces the strain on your feet. And your legs. And even your back.

With the added cushion of nora rubber, your every step is supported by superior ergonomics and comfort underfoot. That’s because unlike most floor coverings, nora is made of resilient material that eases the stress of walking and standing. That means less fatigue, and enhanced health.

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Prague Czech National Library Of Technology

Flooring plays a central role in your interior design. Due to the large area that it covers, it has an enormous impact on the overall impact of your design. Inlays give you unlimited possibilities for elevating your space. Create patterns, effects, wayfinding systems, or brand-specific elements –your imagination can be boundless.

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