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Day Care Center in Völklingen

Form Meets Function: Rubber flooring from nora systems for Day Care’s Passive House

Affordable yet environmentally friendly and sustainable: The Röntgenstraße Day Care Center in Völklingen shows that economy and ecology are not contradictionsin terms. The day care center was newly built in 2013 as a massive wood construction that meets passivehouse standards – making it the first of its kind in Saarland. The construction won the building designed by Willi Latz at the arus GmbH the Builder’s Award from the Saarland Chamber of Architecture in October 2014. Naturally, the construction materials used for the day care center were expected to meet the same exacting standards of environmental friendliness, sustainability and health for the users. That’s why, after talking with the owners, the architects chose the rubber flooring from nora systems. In addition to its excellent environmental properties, the rubber flooring is availablein a broad range of colours – an aspect that took priority for decorating the day care center. more

Accentuating Areas with Colour

The heart of the building is the large, sunny hall. It encloses two nursery areas and four group rooms that open to the exterior through floor-to-ceiling windows. Together with the surrounding galleries, it serves the children as a play room with expanded action areas. The dining area can also be opened to the play area to create one large room. “Children need a building that doesn’t prescribe what they have to do but rather leaves plenty of opportunities open and nevertheless demonstrates a certain logic and clarity,” the architects believe. “We chose noraplan sentica because the rubber flooring was not only sustainable and contributes to good health but also fit our interior design concept perfectly thanks to the broad range of colours,” says Christian Schüssler, Project Lead at arus. Thanks to the modest design of noraplan sentica, the floor appears to be nearly one colour, making it both inviting and soothingly calm. At the same time, the harmonious interspersal of granulates effectively masks dirt. “The homogeneous look of the flooring was a critical point for us, because the floor was supposed to create a uniform overall look with the walls and the ceiling,” emphasizes Schüssler.

Simple, Affordable Cleaning

The architects chose a decent gray for the the central hall and the corridors but a strong green and a bright yellow for the stairs and the access areas. “The owner was skeptical at first whether the light yellow would be overly susceptible for a day care center,” reports the project lead. “As it came out, the floor is easy to clean and therefore always looks neat.” Because of its extremely thick surface, the rubber flooring is extraordinarily resistant to wear and tear, abrasion and dirt. On top of that, it isn’t necessary to add any sealants that are typical for other types of flooring. This adds to the appeal of the rubber flooring in terms of maintenance and lifecycle costs.

Comfortable and Healthful

In day care centers, the comfort and ergonomic properties of the flooring are also quite significant. The robust nora flooring provides a warm, non-slippery surface under foot that minimizes noise through its high degree of footfall sound insulation. Consequently, the four-millimeter- thick noraplan sentica acoustic on the stairs and surrounding galleries at the day care center in Völklinger ensures that the building doesn’t get too loud despite the volume of stomping little feet. And if one of the little ones should trip and fall, the durable elastic flooring means it won’t hurt right away. The low-energy construction of the day care center places special demands on the construction material and furnishings used. The shell of the building is free of gaps and the windows are triple-glazed, which prevents any loss of heat. The controlled ventilation, which recaptures heat, additionally lowers energy consumption and provides the rooms with sufficient fresh air. “The better sealed the building shell, the more important it is to have a sufficient exchange of fresh air and to use healthful materials,” points out Schüssler. nora flooring is low-emission, contains no plasticizers (phthalates) or halogens, and helps to keep the air inside the room healthful. In addition to the Blaue Engel seal of approval, it has been granted every other environmental certificate of international significance. That’s why many who plan children’s day care centers believe that sustainability begins with the floor.

Data and facts

Building Völklingen
Owner City of Völklingen,
Architect arus GmbH Willi Latz, Püttlingen,
Installation Year 2013
Photographer Norbert Miguletz
Kindergarten Völklingen
Kindergarten Völklingen
Kindergarten Völklingen
Kindergarten Völklingen
noraplan acoustic reduces the noise impact in the kindergarten
Kindergarten Völklingen
Kindergarten Völklingen


noraplan® sentica

Rubber floor covering with a changing base colour of harmoniously matched colour components.

noraplan® sentica acoustic

For high footfall sound absorption with a footfall sound absorption improvement of 20 dB.

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