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Dressing rooms of Adler Mannheim: Resistant even to skate blades

Special flooring with unyielding qualities

Resistant even to skate blades: norament® 992 grano rubber floor covering enhances the design concept in the changing rooms

The changing room is a significant space for every team. It is here that a squad prepares for training and matches, celebrates victories and analyses defeats. So it is only natural that the furnishings have been much more than merely functional for quite some time. These days, an agreeable atmosphere is also a top priority. This concept was very much in the foreground when the Adler Mannheim changing rooms were comprehensively renovated in the summer of 2018. The club was founded in 1938 and has its home at Mannheim’s SAP Arena. They have been at the top of the German ice hockey league for many years. Highlights from the club’s history include eight German championship titles, most recently in 2019. Even though the “eagles” regularly produce flights of brilliance, they stayed down to earth when fitting out their dressing rooms – which was fantastic for several reasons. The design concept of the renovated dressing rooms was produced by a local firm – Mannheim-based fifty fifty design. “Focused, motivating, modern” was the motto of the refurbishment project. Warm colours, wood-clad walls and wardrobes, and indirect light create a pleasant atmosphere that is emphasised by the floor. The grey norament® 992 grano special floor covering blends seamlessly into the design concept in the truest sense of the word. The 9mm-deep jointless rubber tiles are particularly thick, making them ideal for use in areas with extremely tough requirements, such as ice rinks. They can even withstand the burden of sharp skate blades – and will do so for many years to come. more

Durable and tough – like the Adler themselves

“nora® floors are simply indestructible”, commented Markus Wincher, Head of Facility Management at the SAP Arena. Large areas of these “Made in Weinheim” floor coverings had already been used in the construction of the multi-purpose hall in 2005. They are also installed in the gym, for example, where athletes train with weights and heavy equipment. Despite the tough conditions,they have proven their quality over many years. “The rubber floors are extremely resilient – neither the high footfall nor the skate blades and moisture caused by melted ice have damaged them over this long period of time.” This made norament® 922 grano the obvious choice once again when renovating the Adler changing rooms. The same floor was also installed in the guest changing rooms and walkways leading to the training rinks. So players can walk directly from the dressing room to the ice surface on the rubber floor coverings – a great advantage. norament ® 922 grano is used in numerous large and small ice rinks around the world. This special flooring is available either in norament® grano design or with a pastille finish. Both variants are available in six colours. This special flooring can withstand the mechanical stress of sharp blades no matter how many athletes walk over the surface wearing their skates. This makes it the perfect flooring, not just for changing rooms, but also in ancillary areas and ice rink entrances.

Data and facts

Building Changing rooms, Adler Mannheim, SAP Arena
Owner Betriebsgesellschaft der Multifunktionsarena Mannheim mbH & Co. KG, Mannheim, Germany
Installation Year 2018
Photographer Elmar Witt
Interior designer fifty fifty design - dustin kuhl and romina ettl, Mannheim, Germany
Product norament® 992 grano special flooring, 9 mm, approx. 300 m²



Changing rooms, common areas

Dressing room of Ice Hockey Club Adler Mannheim
Changing rooms Ice Hockey Club
ice blades on flooring norament 992 which is resistant to cuts, punctures and tears


norament® 992 grano

Rubber flooring for areas with extreme requirements (e.g. ice rinks, golf clubs, animal stables, etc.)

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