On ergonomic flooring, everything feels better

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You can create an environment for yourself and others that reduces the strain on your feet. And your legs. And even your back.

With the added cushion of nora rubber, your every step is supported by superior ergonomics and comfort underfoot. That’s because unlike most floor coverings, nora is made of resilient material that eases the stress of walking and standing. That means less fatigue, and enhanced health.

foot pressure distribution

The right floor can help reduce absences

Disorders of the musculoskeletal system account for one third of all occupational illnesses and work-related injuries. The costs resulting from workers comp claims and missed time are considerable - but selection of the right ergonomic floor covering can counteract this. You are investing in the health of your employees and reducing absenteeism, when you invest in nora.

“In a decade since installing this floor, we’ve only had one workers’ compensation claim, thanks to the ergonomic advantages nora rubber provides.”

Paul Byler, executive director for facilities and operations, Grand Valley School

“I was impressed with the significant research nora is putting into creating a product that is optimized for comfort underfoot.”

Nolan Browne, managing director of Fraunhofer CSE.


A new ergonomic test method – learn about the study

In partnership with the University of Pittsburgh, USA, nora has developed new test methods to measure ground reaction force (GRF). As a result, the walking load on the human body can accurately be determined for the first time. Make sure to watch our ergonomic study video for even further illustration.


This is what nurses at Childrens of Alabama has to say

Children of Alabama
Children’s of Alabama

Children’s of Alabama opened a new 70,606 sq m/760,000 sq ft expanded facility, largely outfitted with nora rubber.

“When we moved into the expanded facility, our nursing units multiplied in size – up to three times the size our nurses were accustomed to,” explains Denise Dexter, facilities design director,

“So there was a lot of extra walking. The staff was really concerned about that and how it would tax their bodies. After we moved in and experienced the nora floor, I’ve heard many wonderful comments, including ‘This makes my back feel so much better than the other unit!’”

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