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nora one

nora one: one flooring system, one partner, one warranty – one safe solution

nora one provides the best possible solution for semi-wet bonding of rubber floor coverings. The combination of low-emission nora floors with suitable floor installation products and flooring installers specially trained by nora form a certified complete system.

nora one – Certified complete system with extended warranty

Our system has been awarded Indoor Air Comfort Gold and Greenguard Gold certificates and achieved positive test results from Polymer Service GmbH Merseburg. This enables us to grant our customers an extended warranty period of eight years on the nora one complete system.

nora one certifications
nora one flooring system: primer, leveling compound, adhesiv, floor covering

nora one in videos

nora one - Part 1: Substrate preparations 

Learn more about substrate preparations within nora one installation system

Installation Videos |  1 min 51 sec


nora one - Part 2: Flooring installation 

Learn more about flooring installation within nora one installation system.

Installation Videos |  2 min 40 sec


nora one – Available products

We have the perfect floor installation products at hand for almost any subfloor. Choose a product from each of the following categories to create the ideal base. Please contact us if you have any questions.

nora primers: nora PRP 101, nora PRN 102, nora PDM 100

nora one Primers

nora® PRP 101 – Special primer for absorbent subfloors

nora® PRN 102 – Special primer for non-absorbent subfloors

nora® DPM 100 – 2-C epoxy resin primer

nora leveling compounds: nora L 1000, nora SF 1001, nora fibers

nora one Leveling Compounds

nora® L 1000 – High-performance self-leveling leveling compound

nora® SF 1001 – Internal Repair Mortar

nora® fibers – Fiber reinforcement for self-leveling leveling compound

nora adhesives: nora AC 100, nora ED 120, nora PU 102

nora one Adhesives

nora® AC 100 – Dispersion adhesive

nora® ED 120 – Conductive fiber-reinforced dispersion adhesive

nora® PU 102 – 2-C polyurethane adhesive



nora one flooring system


nora one flooring system


nora one flooring system

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