Safe floor covering in kindergartens and nurseries

Children conquer their environment through play and movement. In order to achieve their full potential, they need a positive, safe and stimulating environment. The floor is always a popular play area, which is why the floors in nurseries and kindergartens must be suitable for children. 

Nursery: open movement space with a low level playing surface: So nothing rolls away. Design concept with nora floor covering

Children's day care: Movement and multi-purpose room with floor covering from nora systems

Race track for ride-on cars in the kindergarten: with a floor inlay street

Group room in the kindergarten, designed with nora floor covering

Nursery, movement room, obstacle course on nora floor covering

Daycare sleeping area, designed with nora floor coverings

Group room in nursery, with nora floor covering

Multi-purpose room with stairs in kindergarten, children playing on noraplan floor

noraplan signa promotes the uniform and biophilic design in the kindergarten

Natural design of kindergarten with suitable floor covering

Kindergarten corridor with nora floor covering

Kindergarten sleeping area with low-emission nora floor covering

The floor covering for nurseries and kindergartens, with good room acoustics 

Floors in kindergartens should be designed to dampen the noise of running and playing. nora floor coverings for kindergartens are ideal for this purpose. All nora floor coverings are made entirely of rubber. The high and long-lasting elasticity of such kindergarten flooring considerably reduces walking noises. A nora floor covering creates a quieter and more pleasant atmosphere, which reduces stress and tension. This helps children develop their speaking skills and intelligibility. nora rubber floor coverings are also ideally suited for a nursery or crèche. 

Floor coverings for nurseries and kindergartens with a high degree of ergonomic comfort 


Ergonomics in kindergartens and crèches always go hand in hand with a high degree of safety. In nurseries, where children play, run and jump around, a permanently elastic floor covering is ideal. In kindergartens, a floor with these properties also guarantees safety. Children frequently stumble or fall, and a soft floor covering in a kindergarten considerably reduces the risk of injury. A rubber floor is also ideal for gymnasiums and exercise rooms as well as for nurseries and kindergartens. The acoustic version from nora systems also features a particularly thick, elastic damping layer. This floor covering is particularly pleasant when exercise and gymnastics are on the agenda. 

The floor covering for kindergartens and nurseries that safeguards health

Toddlers are in contact with the floor all day long, so it is important that the flooring is not harmful to human health. nora floor coverings are free of PVC, other halogenated polymers and phthalate plasticizers. They have been a recipient of the “Blue Angel” since 1996. The low-emission floor covering for nurseries and kindergartens helps keep the indoor air fresh and healthy. In addition, nora rubber floor coverings are warm underfoot and entice children to play on the floor. A rubber floor covering for kindergartens and nurseries is suitable for group rooms, sleeping areas and changing rooms. The low-emission floor covering is also ideal for kindergarten dining areas. Rubber floor coverings are also the first choice in gymnasiums and multi-purpose halls
Ladybird Early Learning Center, Dubai

Ideal for kindergartens: A floor design with nora inlays, for educational concepts 

Building materials that create a feel-good atmosphere are particularly suitable for child-friendly architectural and interior designs. With more than 300 colours in the standard range and endless possibilities for inlay designs, nora rubber floor coverings offer practically unlimited options for creative designs and educational room concepts. Inlays can be used to integrate play areas and images into the floor coverings in nurseries and kindergartens. Room zones and guidance systems can be easily depicted. 

The coating-free kindergarten floor for economical maintenance 

nora floor coverings have an average service life of more than 20 years. This makes them an excellent investment for the future. For decades now, rubber floor coverings have been used in numerous childcare facilities around the world. The surface of nora rubber floor coverings is extremely dense, which means that there is no need to coat them. With a rubber floor covering for a nursery or kindergarten, there is no need to apply costly and time-consuming new coatings at regular intervals. nora floor coverings for childcare facilities can be cleaned easily and economically, which drastically reduces maintenance costs.


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Sustainability Drives Design at Arcadia Preparatory School 

United Arab Emirates (Dubai)
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