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Schleuniger AG: Decades of Durability in the Most Demanding Conditions

A high-performance industrial floor

Schleuniger AG is a leading technology company on the global market with headquarters in Thun (Switzerland). They mainly supply the cable processing and inspection industry. Schleuniger’s customers cater primarily to the automotive branch, the entertainment and information industry and the communications sector. Schleuniger’s products are used anywhere where precision contact connections are required. The company has development and production sites in Switzerland, Germany and China and employs around 900 people worldwide on three continents. The Swiss company is renowned for advanced technologies and especially for excellent quality and service.

In the year 2001, Schleuniger decided to equip the production halls at the Swiss site in Thun with new floor coverings and they quickly opted for the rubber floor coverings made by nora systems. They wanted a floor that was not only extremely durable and electrostatically dissipative, but also one that provided ergonomic benefits and could be cleaned easily and quickly. nora systems floor coverings fulfil all of these requirements perfectly. more

Decades of durability

Floors have to withstand massive static and dynamic loads, especially in the industrial sector. This is no different in the Schleuniger production hall in Thun. Here, the floors are subjected to heavy loads every day, mainly by fork lifts and pallet trucks, but also by other industrial trucks. The rubber floor with ESD protection installed there in 2001 is a norament® lago ed floor – the predecessor of norament® 926 grano ed. It has withstood these high loads for almost 18 years because its material composition makes it extremely resistant. It has therefore hardly changed at all in appearance. Speaking of resistance, we should mention that the floor has also retained its conductivity to this day. Some floors can be damaged even by light objects with sharp corners falling on them. Not so with rubber floor coverings from nora systems. They are abrasion resistant, retain their shape permanently and are easy to clean. Their high levels of elasticity enable them to resist impacts caused, for example, by dropped tools or metal parts. Even the dropped items themselves are damaged less. “We are thrilled with the durability and resistance of nora rubber floor coverings. The heavy loads that have been applied to the floors for almost 18 years have not yet damaged them in any way” says Marcel Pfammatter, Infrastructure/Leasing team leader.

A healthy environment

Ergonomic workplace design can contribute significantly to job satisfaction. This is because workers who stand for hours on end can suffer from serious muscle tension. Furthermore, the body becomes fatigued more quickly on hard surfaces than on elastic floors. The permanent elasticity of rubber floor coverings like those offered by nora systems noticeably relieve strain on the back and joints and make it easier to stand and walk for many hours at a time. Workers at Schleuniger in Thun are also convinced of these ergonomic advantages: “It is very comfortable to walk on the nora systems floors. I don’t have any back pain or similar complaints in the evening after work, even if I have been on my feet for many hours”, says Pascal Hänni, warehouse clerk at Schleuniger.

Cleaning made easy

nora floor coverings leave the factory in Weinheim as high-quality products. Of course, correct cleaning is required to keep them looking good during daily use. After all, floors are the largest surface that must be cleaned in a room. Therefore, it is essential to use floor coverings that are easy to clean and that are cost-effective and efficient to help to keep running costs down. Density plays an important role here as the denser a material is, the easier it is to clean. This means that the surface will not become worn and will retain its original properties throughout the entire life cycle of the floor. This is a major advantage, and one which the employees of Schleuniger in Thun have benefited from for almost 18 years now: “The nora floor is very easy to clean and requires the use of hardly any chemicals. We restored the floor using only nora systems cleaning pads and it now looks almost as good as new again, even after many years of use in our production hall. Furthermore, the floor does not have any surface coating that could be destroyed and that would have to be renewed sooner or later at our expense”, concludes Pfammatter.

norament industrial flooring - Decades of durability under the heaviest loads

norament - Decades of durability under the heaviest loads 

17 years ago, norament grano was rinstalled to Schleuniger in Thun, both in the logistics and in the ESD-protected production area. Even high pressure loads caused by daily driving of forklifts, lift trucks or other pallet trucks cannot affect the rubber floor.

Schleuninger AG, Thun

norament - Decades of durability under the heaviest loads 

In 2001, norament grano was installed to Schleuniger in Thun, both in the logistics and in the ESD-protected production area. Even high pressure loads caused by daily driving of forklifts, lift trucks or other pallet trucks cannot affect the rubber floor. From mechanical loads to shear forces and pushing forces – norament grano withstands decades of work. It is excellently suited as an industrial floor and also offers a safe and easy-to-maintain solution in the long term. With the help of simple measures tire marks or other abrasion can be removed easily.


Data and facts

Building Schleuniger AG
Market Segment Industry & Life Science
Products norament® 926 grano
Architect Scheidegger & Moser, Gwatt, Switzerland
Installation Year 2001
Photographer © Waldemar Hauke
Schleuninger AG
Schleuninger AG
Schleuninger AG
Schleuninger AG


norament® 926 grano

Rubber flooring for extremely heavy traffic areas, with a granular design rich in contrast and hammerblow surface or cubic structure.

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