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We’re a medium-sized company with operations around the world at the forefront of our industry – and we’re always looking for fresh ideas from new colleagues. With us you will not only take on exciting assignments in international teams, but we also invest in our staff by providing training and further training.

nora flooring is a leading manufacturer of commercial floor coverings worldwide with headquarters in Germany. For over 65 years, nora® rubber floor coverings have met the unique demands of facilities worldwide. Ergonomic, sound absorbent and stain and slip resistant, our flooring systems address the many challenges you face in your work environment on a daily basis. And due to the durability of nora® flooring, you can count on a beautiful facility for decades to come.

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We not only manufacture the best rubber flooring in the world, but also focus on every detail – from the selection and purchase of high quality, natural raw materials up to environmentally friendly production. Find out more about our requirements, our work and our products in the short video.


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31. 五月 2019
德国 | 产品

诺拉橡胶地板卫生防污性能极好,并在清洁时无需中断任何工作。为了使医院长期保持经济性,大厅内的流程和运营必须以最佳和高效的方式运行。 外科医生和外科工作人员日以继夜、持续不断在进行高强度手术, 对室内的装饰结构和家具也有极高的要求。



中国 (珠海)
norament® 926 grano, noraplan® eco | 公共建筑

港珠澳珠海公路口岸位于珠澳口岸人工岛之上,是港珠澳大桥核心组成部分,珠三角唯一的三地互通、客货兼重的陆路口岸,集交通、管理、服务、救援、观光功能为一体的综合运营中心。 当然还有必经之地板——诺拉® 橡胶地板铺设于整个联检大楼内。



迪拜阿卡迪亚预科学校正努力成为该地区最环保的学校之一。诺拉系统也为此做出了贡献,超过 5,300 m² 环保的noraplan® 橡胶地板安装于此。

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