Because fire protection saves lives

Fire protection and fire-toxicological safety play a decisive role in industrial buildings. Whether in offices, laboratories, or production areas, choosing the right construction materials during the planning phase makes a decisive contribution to a successful fire protection plan.


nora rubber floor coverings are highly flame-retardant, as defined in EN 13 501, and offer high safety in the event of fire.

Fire-toxicologically safe2

nora rubber floor coverings are classified as fire-toxicologically safe according to the German standard DIN 53 436. A professional fire protection plan is individually tailored to the building and guarantees the best possible safety. In industrial buildings, equipment and construction materials can often cause fires to spread more quickly. nora rubber floors help you to meet and verify your fire protection requirements.


1) nora floor coverings are highly flame retardant according to European standard EN 13 501.
2) The decomposition effluents from nora coverings are non toxic according to the German standard DIN 53 436.

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